Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our Little Santa

Kenzie is really into Santa and the whole Christmas thing this year (her first year to really understand and anticipate the events of the holidays). Once Santa came to our house, the kids started asking to count the "night nights" till he came again. Well, my little imaginative one (Mackenzie) decided she could resolve that problem by being Santa for her brother and the rest of us. She was wearing regular clothes but had stuffed her "puppies" (which used to be her security toy until the baby elephant was purchased 9 months ago at Wildlife Safari, thanks Mom & Dad) up her shirt so there were little puppy feet sticking out the bottom of her shirt. She was missing a hat so she picked up the bucket we keep by the front door (we have a leak whenever snow melts) and inverted it on her head for a hat. She is never at a loss for imagination. She is so easy to have at home alone as she goes into her own world and finds a way to entertain herself.

Well, we are off to church this morning so I will go for now but had to share about Kenzie (including a pictures, as words don't describe it well enough).

Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Holiday Fun

Yesterday was spent running around playing Santa Claus to the last few people we had gifts to deliver to. It was fun for the kids and they got to wade through our 6 inches or so of snow that has accumulated most everywhere. Today appears to be a very sunny day so maybe the snow won't be soooo deep today.

One of our stops took us to the Hendricks' house where the kids had a blast. We ended up invading their home for over 3 hours. Jill was gracious enough to feed us all dinner while we were there. DAddy was busy announcing Basketball games at the high school Christmas tournament. He has two more today at 3:30 and 7:00 on and then he is done for about a week. He loves to do this and is having a lot of fun. Now, back to Jill's where the kids played with Logan for a good deal of the time we were there and they loved it. He is so good with the kids even though he is several years older than Chase, he plays right at their level and lets them win when necessary. Rylee slept for quite a while after our arrival but when she awoke she was happy to see us and get her gift from us. Logan picked out a Superman bat for Chase and a magnet dress-up book for Kenzie and they both were thrilled. We got Logan the Tommy Hawk Wii game and he was equally thrilled with it. Rylee is saying more words every day and can call the kids by name now and calls my Chell. She is so cute and has become such an active part of our lives that Kenzie wants to go see "her Rylee and her Jill" whenever we go out. She has started stamping with Jill when we are there. She is starting early (at 3 yrs old) but she loves it and is hard to redirect when we are done stamping.

We have recently cleaned out the playroom (it needed it bad and I got a bee in my bonnet the day after Xmas to get the tree down and clean). It is nearly u nrecognizable to most who have seen it before. I forgot to take a before and after pics but the kids like to have the room and we are moving the computer out of our room and into that room so they can play games online at and and we can use the webcam out there where lighting is good. I hope to get that moved today.

Megan and her crew are coming tomorrow for Christmas with them and that will be fun for all as Janson's kids are here too so we are managing to drag out Christmas for a while around here.

Mom is flying over from Seattle (they are visiting my sister and family in Bothell) on New Years Day to be here till Monday the 7th when she will fly home. She will be a lot of help after my surgery as the Seahawk playoff game will be either the 5th or 6th in Seattle and he will go to that and not have to feel too guilty about leaving me here if Mom is here to help me.

Well, that is about all for today. Have a great weekend all. I have to get back to getting my class stuff ready for church tomorrow.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

BIG Catch-up Post

Well, it has been quite a while since I have posted but it has been busy times around our house, so I will do my best to catch-up on the last few weeks.

We had an enjoyable trip over to the westside to have an early Christmas with the big kids and the grandkids. A good time was had by all. We draw names and exchange gifts and usually invade Stephanie & Ken's house for the occasion on the odd years as the kids and grandkids all come to us in even years. Our little ones had a lot of fun playing with the grandkids. The youngest little grandkid is Travis and he is growing like a weed and this picture proves how much Papa loves him.

While we were in Seattle we met my sister and her kids for the annual grandkid photo for our parents. The kids are growing a lot and Rachel is changing everyday. It seems like yesterday we started this tradition with little Chase holding babies on either side of him. Here is a picture from that day too.

Chase had his Christmas program at CVIS on Friday the 14th and he sang out and did a great job on Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. He was all dressed up handsome and was quite proud of himself. His last day of school before the break was the 17th and they had a Santa's workshop that day and a visit from the jolly gentleman in red too. Here is a picture of Chase in front of our tree just before he went to school for his program. He is very active in participating in songs in class but is usually quite shy and has stage-fright for any "performance" so we were very proud of him for singing out and being a good little performer.

We also managed to take in the visit to Santa and the reindeer at the Whaley Mansion here in town. Mackenzie got to go on a limo bus to see the reindeer with her preschool and then the kids and I went to see them and Santa the next day. Chase loved the first room we entered as it had a big train set up on a BIG table and it was running around and around. He could have stayed in that room all day and skipped Santa all together. They took some nice pictures while we were there as you can see.

Mackenzie had her first preschool Christmas program on the 21st and Mamma and Papa even made the trip in time to see it. Boy has my little girl changed in the last 3 months. At the beginning of school she was very shy and didn't even want to stay and at her program she was the star of the show as she was so into it and animated with her participation. It was so cute and of course that is recorded on film too. (oh, both kids programs are on DVD as well for anyone to watch as they love to watch themselves and tell all about it). At the end of her program, the jolly gentleman in red made an appearance again (we have seen him over a half dozen times this season).

My parents (AKA Mamma or Dramma or Grams and Papa) were her for 9 "night nights" as the kids call them. They left today to go to my sister's in Bothell and get a grandkid fix there. We were able to enjoy a lot of snow and a very white Christmas while they were here. We also got to visit reindeer and Santa in the snow at Banjo Creek Farms on the 22nd, which all enjoyed. Originally they were to have 2 reindeer there but "Dasher" as he is now called, escaped on Friday night and they still haven't found him. Papa had a cold and congestion while they were here so Mamma spent the afternoon of Sunday after church in the local ER with him. We all helped to take care of him and get him well.
We enjoyed a great family Christmas and the kids were thrilled with the visit from Santa, which Chase discovered the evidence of at 6:30 am on Christmas morning and woke us all to see. We had a great dinner. Mom helped with it as my neck is not tolerating that much time with my arms up working at counter height. Santa brought Chase a new bicycle (his first big boy bike) and brought Mackenzie a playhouse. They were both very happy. Dave & I got a webcam from my parents so we are now able to talk to and see them from the computer. The kids love it!!

As my parents were getting ready to leave this morning, I got a call from the neurosurgeon in Wenatchee. I had an appt with him scheduled for January 25th as that was the earliest he could see me about my neck. They had a cancellation today and I got to see him at 2 pm. While he was seeing me, he had a patient call and cancel surgery for next Wednesday the 2nd of January so he is going to fix my neck next Wednesday at Wenatchee Valley Medical Center. I will stay overnight and get to go home sometime Thursday. I should be well onto the recovery and be fine for our trip in February. It is nice to be able to have it done before the trip as it looked like I wouldn't even see him till right before the trip. They will remove the herniated disc and fuse the C5-C6 vertebrae with a plate and screws as well as a bone graft. I will have a lot of lifting restrictions for 3 months (that will be hard for the kids to understand) but he anticipates that I will have pain relief very soon after surgery. The kids understand that he will be cutting my neck and for a while Mackenzie was afraid he would make me into a "pick-up head" (this is what she calls the animated franksteins at Halloween that seemingly lift their own head off of their neck - she hates them) but I have convinced her that my head will stay attached. Now she tells me that "the doctor will cut your neck and then he will needle it to make it back together" - needling is her verbage for sewing.

Lastly but certainly not least, we are expecting any day the arrival of Raiden Xavier, our new grandson (Josh & Heather's baby). He is due on the 2nd of January and they will induce her on the 3rd if she doesn't have it before then. As you can see she is quite pregnant and getting more uncomfortable by the day.

Well, that is an update from her for now and I will try to do better in the upcoming weeks and plan to blog while on our trip.

Happy New Year to you all!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Shall Not Be Moved

Mackenzie has really become my singer. She loves to sign and can be caught humming songs most all of the time when she is playing, particularly alone. My sister gave us a great CD called One Voice that is all acapella songs that are found in the songbooks we use at church. The kids previously had some Cedermont CDs that I had recorded acapella for them and they loved those and had a few songs they liked better than others. On this new CD however, Mackenzie has become quite opinionated about which SONG she likes best (track 20, I know). I ask one of the song leaders at church to lead it about a month ago and she was amazed that we could sing it at church. Now she goes to the song leader EVERY WEEK and asks "Will you sing MY song" and they of course oblige her, EVERY WEEK. I took a moment to record a simple vidoe with the camera of her singing this song as we hear her singing it several times each and every day and I wanted to save it for her to see. I had to post it here to share as she is so expressive as she sings - I Shall Not Be Moved.

Best wishes to all!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Cold Fall Days

It is definitely closing in on Thanksgiving. The cold weather is definitely an indicator of that. The kids are praying several times a day for snow now as I told them that I cannot make it snow and mentioned that God makes it snow and immediately Chase started his routine praying for snow - first thing in the morning, as soon as he gets home from school and at bedtime. He gets up each morning to check for the answer but thusfar has not gotten what he wants.

Now a funny story about Mackenzie - she ran back to the bathroom the other day to do her thing and I was already in that bathroom. Rather than go to one of the other TWO bathrooms in the house she rushed me out and flushed the potty. I came out to the living room and soon heard her calling me to tell me the potty wasn't working right. I responded that I would check in out next time I got up. Then a little silence and then footsteps running to the living room and her voice beckoning me "Mommy, I need your help, I got the pusher thingy out of Daddy's potty and tried to push, but it won't work". Once these words were translated in my mind to mean that she had gotten the plunger out and was using it, I decided I better check it out immediately. When I got to the bathroom, indeed she had gotten the plunger and there was no mess (surprise, surprise) but she had plunged all of the water out of the toilet and it wasn't filling back up so that is what she was upset about. Upon further investigation, I discovered that she had turned off the water to the tank "so it wouldn't make a mess" - her words - and that is why there was no water. Once I turned the water back on it was all fine. She proudl.y returned the "pushy thingy" back to Daddy's bathroom depositing it prominently on top of the toilet lid for him to see. I guess any further plumping worries we have are solved now.

I did have my MRI yesterday and got results last night the I have a herniated disc and a calcium spur that are impinging on the nerve coming out to my arm. Thus, I am being referred to Dr. Higgins in Wenatchee and will hear from his office sometime next week with info about when he will see me.

Finding out that news and that I will likely need suregery forced Dave to spill the beans about my Christmas present. Come to find out lots of people knew about it but had kept is safely from me. We are going on a 10 day cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line to the Southern Caribbean including stops in St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Barbados, Tortola and Antigua. We will depart from New York City and return to there and then will spend 4 extra days in NYC at a hotel just off 5th Avenue. We hope to take in a Broadway show or two - if the strike is over - see ground zero, the statue of liberty and the like. My parents have graciously agreed to come up and take care of the kids (translated - be taxi service for the kids) while we are gone. I am so excited but we leavong February 5th to fly to NYC so I have to get this neck thing taken care of quickly.

Well, that is all the exciting news I have for now. Hope all are enjoying preparations for turkey day!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Long Time No Type

Well, it has been quite a while since I have sat down to post a few things so I will do the infamous catch-up post.

  • I am behind on posts as I have been to two scrapbooking filled weekends in a row with Megan. (see picture with Steph, Lize, Megan and friends of Steph's at CK convention in Seattle) We had a lot of fun but did get tired and behind on things in the process.

  • I have hurt my neck somehow and have an MRI in Wenatchee at 7 am tomorrow as the doctor thinks I have ruptured a disc in my neck. I am sitting here at the keyboard in my cervical collar (not the most comfortable accessory but does seem to decrease the pain some). Have to plan to be in bed and asleep early to night as I have to leave the house at 6 am tomorrow morning (most mornings I am still fast asleep at that time).

  • Tonight is Kenzie's open house at her school and she is so excited to show off her room. They are having a used book exchange for the kids too so she has been looking at her books to decide which to exchange (as much as I suggest Amelia Bedelia books - since they are a pain to read - she loves them so alas we are keeping those). She loves to be read to and loves to keep up her reading log for school. It is a big deal at the end of the month to take the log to Mrs. Hunter as she gets a treat in her bag for doing the log.

  • This weekend is a baby shower filled weekend as I have one to attend on Saturday and am giving one for Heather (Mommy to the next grandbaby) on Sunday. I have started delegating tasks for the Sunday one as I know I cannot do it all.

  • Monday was a school holiday so had both kids at home all day. That was a real change as Chase is in school so much anymore, it seemed weird for him to be here all day.

  • Dave went to the Seahawk game on Monday and has another to attend on Sunday so he is getting to know the passes well.

  • The first signs that winter is close are here as the mornings are COLD and the snow is getting closer. The snow level is supposed to drop to 1500 feet this weekend which means we may see some white stuff before the weekend is up.

  • We are planning to go to my parents house in Myrtle Creek for Thanksgiving but that is contingent on the results of my MRI and how I am feeling about traveling 9 hours in the car. Graciously my parents have offered to come up here if I cannot make the drive as I am looking forward to seeing them.

  • We are doing our Christmas with the big kids and grandkids on December 1st this year to accomodate everyone's schedule so I am trying to get shopping completed. Nothing like rushing right down to the wire with that type of thing. I am usually done with shopping by now and this year I have just started. :(

I guess that is it for a quick catch up. Best wishes and God's blessings to you all this beautiful time of year.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Football, Fall & Fun

So I got a babysitter last night and got to go to the homecoming Chelan football game with a girlfriend of mine (who also got a sitter for her little one). It was a heartbreaker as we were leading 10-9 up until the last 30 seconds and Brewster then scored a TD and went on to win. What a letdown for homecoming night. It was a crisp cold evening but at least is was dry (since it had rained most of the day). It was a fun big people time for me.

I am working today for my only working day this month. Rachael is taking the kids to Wenatchee and they are excited to go to Rocky Reach Dam. They love the Visitor's Center and the fish ladder, not to mention the big playground. They also get to go to the pet store to get some more fish for the fish tank, since Mommy has kept the last ones alive. We had to start over and have to add a few at a time. I know they will have a good time and be exhausted tonight.

Last night Rachael watched the kids and they had a campout in Chase's room and got to eat dinner and bedtime snack in the fort they made around Chase's bed. They watched the new Surf's Up movie but got too tired to finish it. Kenzie actually went to bed in her own bed without being rocked and the bigger news is that she slept ALL NIGHT in her own bed. She is so proud of herself and I hope that her pride will lead her to continue this habit. Daddy was excited to hear about that news.

Dave is still in Seattle with his mom. She is being transferred to a nursing home in Mount Vernon on Monday. He went up and toured facilities yesterday to help her make a choice. She has chosen and they are holding a bed for her. Dave is going to the Seahawk game tomorrow night and has decided to stay over there until Tuesday morning so he can help get her settled. She is more confused and her short term memory is bad. They hadn't expected that part. She is having some swallowing problems as well so is having to eat pureed food and doesn't like it so she decides not to eat at all. It will be a long recovery but I know she will like to be back in Mount Vernon where her friends can visit her. Socially that will make a huge difference for her.

We all miss Dave but know that he is doing what he needs to do right now and will be home soon.

It is a beautiful fall day today. The sun is out but it is still a little brisk although the weather forecast is for 70 degrees today so that will be nice.

We get to pick up Alura from Granny Nanny's house in the morning and she will go to church with us and then we will meet Megan and Janson to go to Smallwood for pumpkins. They are all looking forward to that.

Happy fall and may you all enjoy the fall traditions as well.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sights, Smells & Events of Autumn

CVIS Field Trip 10/12/2007
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October is bringing lots of fun things to our house. The kids have enjoyed decorating for Halloween and are looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch after church this Sunday with Sissy Megan, Janson & Alura. Today was Chase's first school field trip and I got to go along as 13 preschoolers requires 3 parents and 3 teachers when walking 3 blocks to the fire station. I have included in this post a Smilebox of those pictures.

Last week, a dear friend of mine posted on her blog (which I love to read) asking what mean fall to you. Well, I started thinking about that and yesterday the sights and smells of autumn came to me as I was making a bunch of homemade rolls and a big pot of Cheesy Potato Corn Chowder for dinner. I love as the coolness of autumn sets in and a big bowl of hot soup and fresh rolls taste so good, not to mention the smell of both cooking filling the house in the hours before. That makes me remember it is autumn. On the drive to and from Seattle last weekend (I was driving with the kids so no pictures to show of the colors), the colors of the leaves on the trees varying form light green to yellow to red was a great topic of discussion with the kids. At the top of Stevens Pass, the combination of the leaves in all colors along with the fresh snow on the ground was a beautiful reminder of what a wonderful God we serve and what he has blessed us with on a daily basis in the miracle and beauty of the world around us. So I guess this is my not-so-short response to the sights and smells of Autumn. Pondering this thought has brought me to take the pictures of the soup and rolls from last night and plan a scrapbook page entitled "My Sights & Smells of Autumn".

Thursday, October 4, 2007

She is here

Yesterday was a busy and exciting day. My sister had the baby and it is a beautiful baby girl - Rachel Jeanne (middle name is Melissa's middle name and also the first name of our aunt). She weighed in at 6 lbs 8 ounces and was 18 inches long. Mommy & Baby are doing well and plan to come home tomorrow morning. The kids and I are excited to be able to go over and see her. We are leaving as soon as the kids get out of school tomorrow about noon.

Dave decided he needed to be closer to his Mom for a few days before her surgery so he drove over last evening and is enjoying some one on one time with her and is able to help with getting her to last minute appointments and such that Kevin and Margaret have been doing for so long. He is very anxious about the surgery and I know he is feeling much better being there with her. The kids and I are making it without him but miss him and will be happy to see him tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October is here

Somehow it is already October. I don't understand where time goes but it sure seems to fly the older I get. Kids are settled into their school and extracurricular routines. Mommy is getting settled into the idea of some "free" time two days a week. I know that fall is here as Mackenzie and I saw our first sightings of the big horn sheep on the way home from Wenatchee today. They were crossing the road about 2 miles south of Entiat. Boy did Kenzie enjoy that. Between the sheep being down and the first snow on Stormy this week we sure know that fall is here and winter is on the way!

My sister is having her baby tomorrow morning and we are all excited to find out if it is a boy or girl. Sarah has been excited about her new sibling until the last couple of days and now has decided she doesn't want it to come out yet but Melissa is done cooking it and this bun is coming out of the oven tomorrow!

Betty, my mother-in-law, has her brain surgery on Monday to remove a benign brain tumor that is pressing on her speech center and causing her to slur her speech a lot. We are headed to Seattle on Friday to be over there until Tuesday for the surgery. She will be in the hospital for a week and then to a nursing home for a month or so. Dave is quite nervous about it and rightfully so. He is very close to his mom and her health has not been the best so there are certainly risks involved but she made the decision to go ahead. For those who read and are so inclined, please keep her and the family in your prayers for a good outcome to this.

The kids have their Halloween costumes and want to wear them on a daily basis. Kenzie is being a dragon and Chase a ninja turtle (Leonardo to be exact). They have modeled them for anyone that gives them a chance. They will wear them to their respective Harvest Parties and to the carnival at the school on the 27th and then to trick or treat in downtown on Halloween. I have one bag of candy for here at the house although we have had a grand total of 6 trick or treaters in the 4 Halloweens we have been at this house. Most people go downtown and trick or treat with all the rest of us crazies. Dave will hand out candy at the store while I take the kids around. There is a picture included of the kids in costume with a little friend, Rylee, that we were babysitting. She had to get in on the action so I found Chase's Mickey Mouse costume from 3 years ago and it fits her great. She took it home and I guess to wears it nearly everyday as she thinks she is just the greatest thing in it.

Best Fall wishes to all and I am thankful for you all as friends.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The "Isms" of Childhood

Both of the kids have their little peculiar words and phrases but every once in a while one of them pops up with a new one that I love.

Today Chase was tattling on his sister (nothing new) and in the story he was meaning to tell me that she did not put her dishes in the dishwasher after breakfast but what he said was "Sissy did not put her stuff in the washdish." So that is the Chaseism for the day.

Kenzie, never to be outdone by anyone let alone her brother, came up with hers at Walmart. We were shopping for a few groceries and decided to get some Halloween decorations and decorate the house while Daddy was at work and Chase was at school. She found this collapsible spider that was about 20+ inches tall and three dimensional that she wanted to get to hang in the house. I told her no that Mamma wouldn't like that when she comes to visit, to which Mackenzie replied "But Mommy, doesn't Mamma know that they are just pretend." So we had a Mackenzieism today too! How do you respond to that logic when we have spent a lot of time at home and at Disneyland reminding her that scary stuff is just pretend so she doesn't need to be scared, then she turns your own logic around on you.

Last night we babysat Rylee for a few hours so Jill and Keith could go watch Adam's football game in Winthrop and enjoy the evening alone on their 19th wedding anniversary. The kids had so much fun with her. Chase was so careful and helped her play and watched out for her. Kenzie and I got their Halloween costumes in Wenatchee yesterday so of course they had to try them on and Rylee was feeling a little left out so I ran downstairs and was able to Chase's Mickey Mouse costume from 3 years ago and it fit her so they had a lot of fun (as you can see in the pictures). Rylee got started eating my dried apples and LOVED them but they did not love her so we had a rough half hour while she dealt with a tummy ache - thank goodness for Mylicon drops!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

New Songs

Mackenzie has always been my singer and she is not letting me down. She has had acapella kids bible songs on CD that she loves to listen to in the car for quite a while. When we were at Disneyland, I bought the Disneyland soundtrack and the Electric Parade soundtrack so those have been popular since we got back from California. Now she is in preschool and learning new songs at school and some of them are meant to remind them of what they are doing at school so if she is repeating that activity at home or anywhere else, she immediately starts to sing as she would at school. I am amazed at how she knows them in only 4 days of preschool.

Now whenever she is washing her hands (which used to be a messy and disorganized process) she sings this little tune and stays right on track with what she is doing with very limited mess.

Tops and bottoms

Tops and bottoms

In between

In between

All around your hand

All around your hand

Now they're clean

Now they're clean.

She had been doing that one for several days and this morning she added a new one when Chase and I were in the living room with her that is her good morning song at school. She is so tickled at singing the songs and doesn't want any help in singing them.

I am just happy she has learned some new songs so I can quit hearing "It's A Small World" over and over and over. Now, if Chase can get off the kick of singing "Heffalumps and Woozles" over and over, then I will regain my sanity.

Aunt Lissa (my sister) is now nearly 38 weeks pregnant and very ready to have this baby. She is uncomfortable to say the least but is trying to be patient. Never did any of us dream she would carry this baby this long. She has served it an eviction notice for October 3rd when she has a C section scheduled. The kids and I are looking forward to the baby's arrival and will head over to Seattle the first weekend after it arrives. They do not find out the sex of the baby so it will be a surprise for all of us.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Busy Mommy Times

Boy does life change for Mommy once both kids are in school and other activities. Five days a week I take Chase to the candy store at 9 AM so Daddy can walk him the block and a half to school. Chase loves to have Daddy walk him to and fom school. Mommy is allowed to take him to the candy store in the "Mommy Bus" - which is defined as whichever vehicle I am driving that day - but Daddy does the walking to school. Even if Daddy is off work when it is time to pick Chase us, he is required to walk down and get him so they can walk back and then get in the truck to come home. Some days Chase lets Kenzie and I take him to school but I have mixed emotions about this situation as his school has a pet snake - yes, I said snake - named Ambrose. It is a corn snake, but the kids call it a popcorn snake. They both LOVE this snake. It is in a 30 gallon fish tank with a top and all but I am not fond of it. It has to be about 2+ feet long and I just don't like it. Both kids have to run immediately to visit Ambrose and they really like to drag Mommy to see it. I have taken pictures of them next to him and believe it or not, it didn't break my camera. His teacher has tried to convince me that it is perfectly harmless and no more dangerous than a suffed snake - I had to convey to her that my kids get entertainment out of chasing me around the Variety Store with the stuffed snakes as I don't like those either. I have tried to tell them that I have come a long, long way in just being in the same room and going near the cage. The moral of this is that I am OK with Daddy taking him to AND from school if it keeps me from having to be pleasant and cordial to Ambrose.

Kenzie enjoys her school two mornings a week and really enjoys her time with Mommy without Chase every day of the week. She LOVES to bake and wants to bake something nearly every day. She really likes to run the Kitchen Aid mixer but I think her favorite part is licking the beater - thanks Mom for teaching her about that, now I don't get any beaters.

I get to spend at least one day a month in each of their classrooms. My first one is this Wednesday in Kenzie's school so I am looking forward to that. She is a little apprehensive about me leaving each time at school so maybe it will be easier if I do stay once in a while.

Kenzie also takes Dance Class in Creative Movement here in Chelan and she just loves it. She is excited to have something that is just hers. She loves to be all dressed up in her little leotard and ballet shoes. She is a very tired girl by bedtime on Thursday as her dance class is 45 minutes long and they are moving nonstop that whole time. The first week was Under the Sea, last week was In The Garden and this week is Teddy Bear Picnic.

Chase is looking forward to October 10th which is Grandfriends Day at school and if all goes right, Dramma and Papa will be able to be at school with him for that event.

Long football day today at our house with a nail-biter for Seattle, but they pulled it off. Kenzie was intrigued by Daddy yelling at the TV about things so when he yelled that they finally scored a touchdown, she looked at him and said "you mean the actually scored." She is her Daddy's girl. If he was outside for a big play, I would tell her what to tell him and off she went. She told him "we got a fumble" and he said "are you sure you know what happened" and she said "I told you we got a fumble" with her little hands on her hips like she was not fond of him questioning whether she was up on it or not.

Go Hawks!! Better luck next week for the Huskies (but USC is going to be tough)!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back to School

Chase Back to School
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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Friday, July 6, 2007

One Mom, Two Kids, 160 Lbs of Ice, 4 Cases of Ice Cream & One Yellow Bug

OK, no photos to go with this but I am sure you mind will conjure up one for you by the end of this so here goes . . .

I got up this morning knowing we had company arriving mid-day today. I also knew that Dave needed ice for the Tropical Snow machine at the store so the kids and I HAD to make a trip to Wenatchee this morning (a quick trip, mind you). Before I left, I checked with Dave to be sure that the only thing he needed was ice and he said yep, just that and vanilla coffee syrup from URM. You see, the kids love to ride in Mommy's yellow car (my fun car, a 2000 yellow VW bug - Daddy has the tbird, I have the bug) so with only those things and ink for the printer at my work to get, the bug was fine for this trip. So off we went about 8:30 am. We stopped in Entiat for the morning coffee for Mommy and the muffin for the kiddos. Well, let's back up, we weren't even to the tunnel (about 5 miles from town) when Dave called to say he notice he needed a "few more things from URM". I told him I would call him when I got better cell service. When I called he mentioned also needing 8 oz Tropical Snow cups and that I should just call him for the list when I got to Wenatchee - this is where I should have turned around and come back for the van, duh!

We went on and then got the aforementioned coffee and muffins and began our stops in Wenatchee for the Tropical Snow cups. This was a large box but fit nicely in the front seat, no problem, right? Nope, the "list" for URM when on to include 4 cases (each holding 6 half gallons of soft ice cream mix), a big bundle of paper bags, about 6 big boxes of assorted candy bars, 8 more flavors of coffee syrup (besides the original vanilla), large ice cream cups, and a #10 can of hot fudge. Once all of that was in the floorboard of the front seat and piled as high as possible (and allowing for any visiability for me - the driver), there was no longer room for the large box of cups (I think the box grew while we were in URM). The only choice for it's location was between the kids' car seats but the bug is only a two door and at this point only one of those doors was passable as the other was loaded against with the URM stuff. So in went Chase into his carseat, next went the box of cups between the seats, then went Kenzie into her carseat and then the strategically placed kids' church bags and Mom's purse (AKA catch-all bag) on top of the emergency brake to hold the big box in the back seat away from the gear shift.

Now the box between the kids was not all bad as they could not see, touch, look at, spit on, talk to or do anything to one another so I am thinking of making that a permanent part of all of our family trips - ha ha!

So off we went from URM to Office Depot for the ink cartridge. The funny part was getting the three of us out. Kenzie and I were not a problem but the pesky box had to come out everytime Chase needed to get out so out it came and then back into the car while we ran a 5 minute errand - yes it took more time to get the kids out and the box out and back in than it took to run the errand. Then we did the reverse to get Chase into the car and Kenzie and I back into the car. Thankfully to get the ice - what I thought was our last stop - the kids didn't have to get out. We got the Columbia Colstor to get the 16 rounds of ice (10 lbs each). I knew they fit exactly into the back of the bug as we had done that part before so we had saved the back of the bug for that. As I was taking them one round at a time and loading the back of the bug, Dave calls with a little "if you have time and room can you get at URM some dome lids". I laughed as if he was crazy. I compared our situation not only to the clowns in the bug at the circus but to the IKEA commercial with all of the furniture atop the VW bug.

Yes, the need for two sleeves of dome lids meant going back to URM and unloading the kids - and the box - after loading the car with 160 lbs of ice. Of course, as all good kids do when Mom is in a hurry, both kids had to go potty and then wanted something to drink, so the "quick stop" at URM took 20 minutes for the domed lids. Back to the car we go to unload the box and reload Chase, the box, Kenzie, the domed lids, and me - in that order. Off we went.

The air conditioning running on high as it was over 90 degrees by 10:45 AM. The VW is a hatch back so the ice is keeping it pretty cool but I have chocolate bars in the front seat - ones I can't even snack on :( - so I have to keep in cool. The kids are complaining of cold and I am just hoping we can make it up the tunnel hill to get back to Chelan with this much in the big.

I want so badly to take everything out of the bug and pile it up and take a photo to send to VW for an advertisement to show what all will fit in the bug as I myself am amazed but I do not have the time, patience or energy to do that by the time we get back to Chelan.

We did all of this, delivered it all to the store, took Chacho Ron a cold Pepsi, picked up cherries from Nanna Mary and were back in our driveway before 1:00 pm.

What a day to remember - I hope it brought a smile to your face as the morning experience did not do much for my migraine. I am just glad I could laugh about it as it was better than melting down in a parking lot somewhere.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Busy month

Boy am I behind! I was inspired by a couple of other bloggers to get back on track after my scrapbooking weekend.

Megan and I spent Wed - Sat of last week in Richland, WA at a wonderful scrapbooking retreat. Jane did some amazing cooking with only an electric roaster and a crock pot. She is a whiz and I have about three new recipes out of the deal that any visitors to my home will be plagued with in the coming months. Hawaiian Haystacks for one is a great thing for big groups of guests! I made them last night and the kids devoured them! It is also nice to find things the kids like. Another one of the great recipes is Taco Soup but I will save that for cooler weather - although with our new heat pump in and Dave controlling the thermostat (any visitors to our home know what that means), some of us are wearing sweatshirts and fuzzy socks (me right now for one). The third is a great cake that is very easy but yummy. Bake a chocolate cake per directions in a 9 X 13 pan. When it comes out of the oven, poke holes in it with the handle of a wooden spoon. Pour a jar of caramel ice cream topping over the cake. Frost with cool whip and top with a crunched up Heath Bar. YUMMY!!! (of course, low in calories too :) )

After returning from the retreat, Dave and the kids and I left Sunday afternoon for Seattle. Dave had an Indium Blood Study done at Swedish Hospital to see if we can find the reason for the extreme pain in his right knee. Mackenzie got car sick on the way over, so at the end of a 3 hour drive (actually more like 4 with stops and traffic), she was in her third change of clothes and I was in my second. We got to see Stephanie and Liza and their families for dinner on Sunday which was nice as we don't see them as much since we aren't over there very often.

On Monday, while Dave was at medical appointments, the kids and I went to the Woodland Park Zoo. It was a great day to go as the sun was out and it had rained all day on Sunday so the animals were all out. The kids got to feed a giraffe - they were thrilled. We saw the zoo's baby tiger. They saw the tribute to Hunsa the baby elephant that died a few weeks ago there at the zoo. They seemed to perseverate on that part of the trip though, I don't know why. Chase got a stuffed Rhino which he is thrilled with. Kenzie picked out a stuffed elephant (very soft I might add), got to the van with it and wanted "my old one" that Mamma & Papa had gotten for her in March. That was the last time she touched the new one. The old one gets LOTS of love. Thankfully, Aunt Lisa is checking out one she saw at a gift shop to see if it is the same so that we have a spare in hiding because if something happens to "the old one" we will all lose a lot of sleep till she learns to live without it.

We got to play in the pool at the hotel on monday evening - the kids love the water and were very tired after a busy day!

On Tuesday, while Dave went to the last of his medical appts, the kids and I spent a few hours with Aunt Lisa and Cousin Sarah. They had fun playing in the backyard, especially with the bubble mower. If only the bubble mower really worked to cut the grass. Uncle Mitchell has been working LONG hours on the new 787 at work so he hasn't gotten around to mowing. The night before we were there he put in the air conditioner which will make Aunt Lisa happy as she endures summer while pregnant. I have included with this post a picture of the three kids together. We don't get them together very often so it is fun to get a photo moment when we do - clearly they are not too thrilled with the picture stuff. Who would believe that there is 15 1/2 months between them - Chase is 4 years 4 months, Sarah is 3 years 2 months and Kenzie is 3 years 1 month.

We got home yesterday about mid-day so are still catching up on laundry and things. My mother is thrilled that I am learning (re-learning) to do laundry and have no major carpel tunnel injuries from folding - ha ha!!

More tomorrow - hopefully!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Rainy booger days

It all started with Mackenzie's cold last week and she has now graciously shared it with ALL of us. What a fun thing to share. She reluctantly shares crayons, games and toys with her brother on occasion but certainly didn't think twice about sharing boogers. If you are looking for solid investments, we are supporting Kleenex well so that might be a good choice.

Chase got new flip flops (Cars of course) last week at Walmart and wears them all of the time. He has worn little sores on this insides of his feet from the straps but continues to wear his "flap flaps" as he calls them.

For his little preschool graduation last week, he got identical cards from Mamma & Papa and from us. He can't find the one from us but the one from Mamma and Papa has the corners dog-earred and the fold is wearing out from being opened and closed. I read it to him no less than 20 times yesterday alone. He knows so well what it says that if I skip a little word or mix a word or two up, he corrects me . . . yet, he still wants it read to him over and over and over.

We have had three days of rain and thunderstorms. The kids are not fond of thunder but Lillie is even more upset with it. The dust will die down a lot and hopefully the pollen as well after this rain but the kids do miss playing outside.

Guess that is it for today.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Busy visit from Grandparents

Well, it has been a busy couple of weeks.

Mackenzie turned 3 on the 21st of May and we had waited for her party till the 26th so it was close enough to Chase's preschool graduation for Mamma and Papa to be here for both. They were here for most of 9 days and we got to go out fishing while they were here too. Dave and Dad enjoyed more fishing than the rest of us but the kids got to go in Papa's "hiccup" (translated pickup) to the lake to put the boat in and caught 16 bluegill (never before has Papa been so happy to clean so many little fish as he was the ones these little ones caught in the boat and boy were they excited to catch them) and we cooked them up with fried potatoes and enjoyed a nice dinner on the last evening Mamma and Papa were here.
Mamma and Papa even brought Buddy with them and the kids had a great time (particularly Chase) playing with him and helping take care of him. I think Buddy will really enjoy the pace of Mom and Dad's house once they get home again.

Papa made Kenzie a doll cradle and Mamma made a doll like Mommy's Sassy doll for Kenzie's birthday. Kenzie loved them both and loves to dress and undress the doll over and over and over . . .

Chase finished another year of preschool and had his graduation on Thursday. Mamma and Papa got to be in attendance and then they drove to Aunt Lissa's to visit/babysit there too before heading home on the 8th. Chase will have 4 half days of pre-K next year and Kenzie will start the pre-4 program at 2 half days a week. Mommy will not know what to do two mornings a week??? (cleaning, laundry, sleeping, nothing)

We have been very busy here with the candy store and lots of ice cream sales. Last weekend with Memorial Day was really busy and this weekend was the old car show and was busy as well.

We are all very tired and it is about bedtime for kids and Mommy won't be far behind!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Well, yesterday was not a good day for me. Started out OK but I got in the van a little after 1 pm to go donate blood and promptly backed into Dave's Tbird. Oops! Nothing that is not repairable but nonetheless kind of ruined my day. Dave was very understanding and didn't even yell. The tbird is like another child to him so I knew he would be upset but he was happy no one was hurt and promptly went and got estimates to repair both vehicles.

Chase is down to 5 days left of school this year. It seems to fly by anymore. Kenzie will start preschool too in the fall. She will be 3 years old next Monday. Doesn't seem possible that 3 years ago today we would have never thought of being able to get another child and then the next day we got the phone call about her and she was here in 5 days. What a blessing she has been in our life.

Will have to catch up some more later but had to post something today and will get back on the blog wagon for good hopefully!