Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just a thought

I got this off of "The Art Of Choosing Joy" blog (Kolette Hall) and it was so perfectly timed with my life right now and the current theme of sermons at church that I just had to share it. Hope it enriches your life like it did mine.
We are having a busy and fun summer with lots more plans for the coming month.
In September, I will have a first grader and a kindergartener - what will I do with both of them in school? I am sure I will find something.
Enjoy your summer

Thursday, July 2, 2009

7th Anniversary and Family Pictures

After a LOT of static from my mother about needing a "more recent" family picture (our last was Christmas 2005 - the kids have changed a bit since then), we finally managed to connect with Richard Uhlhorn at Riverwalk Park today (our 7th anniversary, by the way) and got some pictures done. He did a great job. I will not bore you with all 123 but just a few to get the idea that yes, we have changed since 2005 (some have grown up and others have grown out - Jillian Michaels is working on that part).

My parents came and watched the kids tonight so Dave and I could go out for a nice dinner for our anniversary. We went to The Bamboo Shoot in Chelan and it was delicious!! He got me a pedicure and acrylic nails gift certificate and I got him a salmon fishing pole and the Love Dare book (from the movie Fireproof - HIGHLY recommend this movie to all people). Overall a great day and I look forward to many more happy years to come!