Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Holiday Fun

Yesterday was spent running around playing Santa Claus to the last few people we had gifts to deliver to. It was fun for the kids and they got to wade through our 6 inches or so of snow that has accumulated most everywhere. Today appears to be a very sunny day so maybe the snow won't be soooo deep today.

One of our stops took us to the Hendricks' house where the kids had a blast. We ended up invading their home for over 3 hours. Jill was gracious enough to feed us all dinner while we were there. DAddy was busy announcing Basketball games at the high school Christmas tournament. He has two more today at 3:30 and 7:00 on and then he is done for about a week. He loves to do this and is having a lot of fun. Now, back to Jill's where the kids played with Logan for a good deal of the time we were there and they loved it. He is so good with the kids even though he is several years older than Chase, he plays right at their level and lets them win when necessary. Rylee slept for quite a while after our arrival but when she awoke she was happy to see us and get her gift from us. Logan picked out a Superman bat for Chase and a magnet dress-up book for Kenzie and they both were thrilled. We got Logan the Tommy Hawk Wii game and he was equally thrilled with it. Rylee is saying more words every day and can call the kids by name now and calls my Chell. She is so cute and has become such an active part of our lives that Kenzie wants to go see "her Rylee and her Jill" whenever we go out. She has started stamping with Jill when we are there. She is starting early (at 3 yrs old) but she loves it and is hard to redirect when we are done stamping.

We have recently cleaned out the playroom (it needed it bad and I got a bee in my bonnet the day after Xmas to get the tree down and clean). It is nearly u nrecognizable to most who have seen it before. I forgot to take a before and after pics but the kids like to have the room and we are moving the computer out of our room and into that room so they can play games online at and and we can use the webcam out there where lighting is good. I hope to get that moved today.

Megan and her crew are coming tomorrow for Christmas with them and that will be fun for all as Janson's kids are here too so we are managing to drag out Christmas for a while around here.

Mom is flying over from Seattle (they are visiting my sister and family in Bothell) on New Years Day to be here till Monday the 7th when she will fly home. She will be a lot of help after my surgery as the Seahawk playoff game will be either the 5th or 6th in Seattle and he will go to that and not have to feel too guilty about leaving me here if Mom is here to help me.

Well, that is about all for today. Have a great weekend all. I have to get back to getting my class stuff ready for church tomorrow.

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