Sunday, September 23, 2007

Busy Mommy Times

Boy does life change for Mommy once both kids are in school and other activities. Five days a week I take Chase to the candy store at 9 AM so Daddy can walk him the block and a half to school. Chase loves to have Daddy walk him to and fom school. Mommy is allowed to take him to the candy store in the "Mommy Bus" - which is defined as whichever vehicle I am driving that day - but Daddy does the walking to school. Even if Daddy is off work when it is time to pick Chase us, he is required to walk down and get him so they can walk back and then get in the truck to come home. Some days Chase lets Kenzie and I take him to school but I have mixed emotions about this situation as his school has a pet snake - yes, I said snake - named Ambrose. It is a corn snake, but the kids call it a popcorn snake. They both LOVE this snake. It is in a 30 gallon fish tank with a top and all but I am not fond of it. It has to be about 2+ feet long and I just don't like it. Both kids have to run immediately to visit Ambrose and they really like to drag Mommy to see it. I have taken pictures of them next to him and believe it or not, it didn't break my camera. His teacher has tried to convince me that it is perfectly harmless and no more dangerous than a suffed snake - I had to convey to her that my kids get entertainment out of chasing me around the Variety Store with the stuffed snakes as I don't like those either. I have tried to tell them that I have come a long, long way in just being in the same room and going near the cage. The moral of this is that I am OK with Daddy taking him to AND from school if it keeps me from having to be pleasant and cordial to Ambrose.

Kenzie enjoys her school two mornings a week and really enjoys her time with Mommy without Chase every day of the week. She LOVES to bake and wants to bake something nearly every day. She really likes to run the Kitchen Aid mixer but I think her favorite part is licking the beater - thanks Mom for teaching her about that, now I don't get any beaters.

I get to spend at least one day a month in each of their classrooms. My first one is this Wednesday in Kenzie's school so I am looking forward to that. She is a little apprehensive about me leaving each time at school so maybe it will be easier if I do stay once in a while.

Kenzie also takes Dance Class in Creative Movement here in Chelan and she just loves it. She is excited to have something that is just hers. She loves to be all dressed up in her little leotard and ballet shoes. She is a very tired girl by bedtime on Thursday as her dance class is 45 minutes long and they are moving nonstop that whole time. The first week was Under the Sea, last week was In The Garden and this week is Teddy Bear Picnic.

Chase is looking forward to October 10th which is Grandfriends Day at school and if all goes right, Dramma and Papa will be able to be at school with him for that event.

Long football day today at our house with a nail-biter for Seattle, but they pulled it off. Kenzie was intrigued by Daddy yelling at the TV about things so when he yelled that they finally scored a touchdown, she looked at him and said "you mean the actually scored." She is her Daddy's girl. If he was outside for a big play, I would tell her what to tell him and off she went. She told him "we got a fumble" and he said "are you sure you know what happened" and she said "I told you we got a fumble" with her little hands on her hips like she was not fond of him questioning whether she was up on it or not.

Go Hawks!! Better luck next week for the Huskies (but USC is going to be tough)!

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

It's fun to read about your days, Michelle...thanks for sharing it with us.

What lucky kids you have.