Thursday, June 28, 2007

Busy month

Boy am I behind! I was inspired by a couple of other bloggers to get back on track after my scrapbooking weekend.

Megan and I spent Wed - Sat of last week in Richland, WA at a wonderful scrapbooking retreat. Jane did some amazing cooking with only an electric roaster and a crock pot. She is a whiz and I have about three new recipes out of the deal that any visitors to my home will be plagued with in the coming months. Hawaiian Haystacks for one is a great thing for big groups of guests! I made them last night and the kids devoured them! It is also nice to find things the kids like. Another one of the great recipes is Taco Soup but I will save that for cooler weather - although with our new heat pump in and Dave controlling the thermostat (any visitors to our home know what that means), some of us are wearing sweatshirts and fuzzy socks (me right now for one). The third is a great cake that is very easy but yummy. Bake a chocolate cake per directions in a 9 X 13 pan. When it comes out of the oven, poke holes in it with the handle of a wooden spoon. Pour a jar of caramel ice cream topping over the cake. Frost with cool whip and top with a crunched up Heath Bar. YUMMY!!! (of course, low in calories too :) )

After returning from the retreat, Dave and the kids and I left Sunday afternoon for Seattle. Dave had an Indium Blood Study done at Swedish Hospital to see if we can find the reason for the extreme pain in his right knee. Mackenzie got car sick on the way over, so at the end of a 3 hour drive (actually more like 4 with stops and traffic), she was in her third change of clothes and I was in my second. We got to see Stephanie and Liza and their families for dinner on Sunday which was nice as we don't see them as much since we aren't over there very often.

On Monday, while Dave was at medical appointments, the kids and I went to the Woodland Park Zoo. It was a great day to go as the sun was out and it had rained all day on Sunday so the animals were all out. The kids got to feed a giraffe - they were thrilled. We saw the zoo's baby tiger. They saw the tribute to Hunsa the baby elephant that died a few weeks ago there at the zoo. They seemed to perseverate on that part of the trip though, I don't know why. Chase got a stuffed Rhino which he is thrilled with. Kenzie picked out a stuffed elephant (very soft I might add), got to the van with it and wanted "my old one" that Mamma & Papa had gotten for her in March. That was the last time she touched the new one. The old one gets LOTS of love. Thankfully, Aunt Lisa is checking out one she saw at a gift shop to see if it is the same so that we have a spare in hiding because if something happens to "the old one" we will all lose a lot of sleep till she learns to live without it.

We got to play in the pool at the hotel on monday evening - the kids love the water and were very tired after a busy day!

On Tuesday, while Dave went to the last of his medical appts, the kids and I spent a few hours with Aunt Lisa and Cousin Sarah. They had fun playing in the backyard, especially with the bubble mower. If only the bubble mower really worked to cut the grass. Uncle Mitchell has been working LONG hours on the new 787 at work so he hasn't gotten around to mowing. The night before we were there he put in the air conditioner which will make Aunt Lisa happy as she endures summer while pregnant. I have included with this post a picture of the three kids together. We don't get them together very often so it is fun to get a photo moment when we do - clearly they are not too thrilled with the picture stuff. Who would believe that there is 15 1/2 months between them - Chase is 4 years 4 months, Sarah is 3 years 2 months and Kenzie is 3 years 1 month.

We got home yesterday about mid-day so are still catching up on laundry and things. My mother is thrilled that I am learning (re-learning) to do laundry and have no major carpel tunnel injuries from folding - ha ha!!

More tomorrow - hopefully!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Rainy booger days

It all started with Mackenzie's cold last week and she has now graciously shared it with ALL of us. What a fun thing to share. She reluctantly shares crayons, games and toys with her brother on occasion but certainly didn't think twice about sharing boogers. If you are looking for solid investments, we are supporting Kleenex well so that might be a good choice.

Chase got new flip flops (Cars of course) last week at Walmart and wears them all of the time. He has worn little sores on this insides of his feet from the straps but continues to wear his "flap flaps" as he calls them.

For his little preschool graduation last week, he got identical cards from Mamma & Papa and from us. He can't find the one from us but the one from Mamma and Papa has the corners dog-earred and the fold is wearing out from being opened and closed. I read it to him no less than 20 times yesterday alone. He knows so well what it says that if I skip a little word or mix a word or two up, he corrects me . . . yet, he still wants it read to him over and over and over.

We have had three days of rain and thunderstorms. The kids are not fond of thunder but Lillie is even more upset with it. The dust will die down a lot and hopefully the pollen as well after this rain but the kids do miss playing outside.

Guess that is it for today.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Busy visit from Grandparents

Well, it has been a busy couple of weeks.

Mackenzie turned 3 on the 21st of May and we had waited for her party till the 26th so it was close enough to Chase's preschool graduation for Mamma and Papa to be here for both. They were here for most of 9 days and we got to go out fishing while they were here too. Dave and Dad enjoyed more fishing than the rest of us but the kids got to go in Papa's "hiccup" (translated pickup) to the lake to put the boat in and caught 16 bluegill (never before has Papa been so happy to clean so many little fish as he was the ones these little ones caught in the boat and boy were they excited to catch them) and we cooked them up with fried potatoes and enjoyed a nice dinner on the last evening Mamma and Papa were here.
Mamma and Papa even brought Buddy with them and the kids had a great time (particularly Chase) playing with him and helping take care of him. I think Buddy will really enjoy the pace of Mom and Dad's house once they get home again.

Papa made Kenzie a doll cradle and Mamma made a doll like Mommy's Sassy doll for Kenzie's birthday. Kenzie loved them both and loves to dress and undress the doll over and over and over . . .

Chase finished another year of preschool and had his graduation on Thursday. Mamma and Papa got to be in attendance and then they drove to Aunt Lissa's to visit/babysit there too before heading home on the 8th. Chase will have 4 half days of pre-K next year and Kenzie will start the pre-4 program at 2 half days a week. Mommy will not know what to do two mornings a week??? (cleaning, laundry, sleeping, nothing)

We have been very busy here with the candy store and lots of ice cream sales. Last weekend with Memorial Day was really busy and this weekend was the old car show and was busy as well.

We are all very tired and it is about bedtime for kids and Mommy won't be far behind!