Saturday, October 13, 2007

Football, Fall & Fun

So I got a babysitter last night and got to go to the homecoming Chelan football game with a girlfriend of mine (who also got a sitter for her little one). It was a heartbreaker as we were leading 10-9 up until the last 30 seconds and Brewster then scored a TD and went on to win. What a letdown for homecoming night. It was a crisp cold evening but at least is was dry (since it had rained most of the day). It was a fun big people time for me.

I am working today for my only working day this month. Rachael is taking the kids to Wenatchee and they are excited to go to Rocky Reach Dam. They love the Visitor's Center and the fish ladder, not to mention the big playground. They also get to go to the pet store to get some more fish for the fish tank, since Mommy has kept the last ones alive. We had to start over and have to add a few at a time. I know they will have a good time and be exhausted tonight.

Last night Rachael watched the kids and they had a campout in Chase's room and got to eat dinner and bedtime snack in the fort they made around Chase's bed. They watched the new Surf's Up movie but got too tired to finish it. Kenzie actually went to bed in her own bed without being rocked and the bigger news is that she slept ALL NIGHT in her own bed. She is so proud of herself and I hope that her pride will lead her to continue this habit. Daddy was excited to hear about that news.

Dave is still in Seattle with his mom. She is being transferred to a nursing home in Mount Vernon on Monday. He went up and toured facilities yesterday to help her make a choice. She has chosen and they are holding a bed for her. Dave is going to the Seahawk game tomorrow night and has decided to stay over there until Tuesday morning so he can help get her settled. She is more confused and her short term memory is bad. They hadn't expected that part. She is having some swallowing problems as well so is having to eat pureed food and doesn't like it so she decides not to eat at all. It will be a long recovery but I know she will like to be back in Mount Vernon where her friends can visit her. Socially that will make a huge difference for her.

We all miss Dave but know that he is doing what he needs to do right now and will be home soon.

It is a beautiful fall day today. The sun is out but it is still a little brisk although the weather forecast is for 70 degrees today so that will be nice.

We get to pick up Alura from Granny Nanny's house in the morning and she will go to church with us and then we will meet Megan and Janson to go to Smallwood for pumpkins. They are all looking forward to that.

Happy fall and may you all enjoy the fall traditions as well.

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh Michelle, you have a lot of schedules to coordinate! I hope Dave's mother can adjust quickly.

I hope you find a cute new project at work today...can't wait to see what you're working on in a month.