Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Shall Not Be Moved

Mackenzie has really become my singer. She loves to sign and can be caught humming songs most all of the time when she is playing, particularly alone. My sister gave us a great CD called One Voice that is all acapella songs that are found in the songbooks we use at church. The kids previously had some Cedermont CDs that I had recorded acapella for them and they loved those and had a few songs they liked better than others. On this new CD however, Mackenzie has become quite opinionated about which SONG she likes best (track 20, I know). I ask one of the song leaders at church to lead it about a month ago and she was amazed that we could sing it at church. Now she goes to the song leader EVERY WEEK and asks "Will you sing MY song" and they of course oblige her, EVERY WEEK. I took a moment to record a simple vidoe with the camera of her singing this song as we hear her singing it several times each and every day and I wanted to save it for her to see. I had to post it here to share as she is so expressive as she sings - I Shall Not Be Moved.

Best wishes to all!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Cold Fall Days

It is definitely closing in on Thanksgiving. The cold weather is definitely an indicator of that. The kids are praying several times a day for snow now as I told them that I cannot make it snow and mentioned that God makes it snow and immediately Chase started his routine praying for snow - first thing in the morning, as soon as he gets home from school and at bedtime. He gets up each morning to check for the answer but thusfar has not gotten what he wants.

Now a funny story about Mackenzie - she ran back to the bathroom the other day to do her thing and I was already in that bathroom. Rather than go to one of the other TWO bathrooms in the house she rushed me out and flushed the potty. I came out to the living room and soon heard her calling me to tell me the potty wasn't working right. I responded that I would check in out next time I got up. Then a little silence and then footsteps running to the living room and her voice beckoning me "Mommy, I need your help, I got the pusher thingy out of Daddy's potty and tried to push, but it won't work". Once these words were translated in my mind to mean that she had gotten the plunger out and was using it, I decided I better check it out immediately. When I got to the bathroom, indeed she had gotten the plunger and there was no mess (surprise, surprise) but she had plunged all of the water out of the toilet and it wasn't filling back up so that is what she was upset about. Upon further investigation, I discovered that she had turned off the water to the tank "so it wouldn't make a mess" - her words - and that is why there was no water. Once I turned the water back on it was all fine. She proudl.y returned the "pushy thingy" back to Daddy's bathroom depositing it prominently on top of the toilet lid for him to see. I guess any further plumping worries we have are solved now.

I did have my MRI yesterday and got results last night the I have a herniated disc and a calcium spur that are impinging on the nerve coming out to my arm. Thus, I am being referred to Dr. Higgins in Wenatchee and will hear from his office sometime next week with info about when he will see me.

Finding out that news and that I will likely need suregery forced Dave to spill the beans about my Christmas present. Come to find out lots of people knew about it but had kept is safely from me. We are going on a 10 day cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line to the Southern Caribbean including stops in St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Barbados, Tortola and Antigua. We will depart from New York City and return to there and then will spend 4 extra days in NYC at a hotel just off 5th Avenue. We hope to take in a Broadway show or two - if the strike is over - see ground zero, the statue of liberty and the like. My parents have graciously agreed to come up and take care of the kids (translated - be taxi service for the kids) while we are gone. I am so excited but we leavong February 5th to fly to NYC so I have to get this neck thing taken care of quickly.

Well, that is all the exciting news I have for now. Hope all are enjoying preparations for turkey day!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Long Time No Type

Well, it has been quite a while since I have sat down to post a few things so I will do the infamous catch-up post.

  • I am behind on posts as I have been to two scrapbooking filled weekends in a row with Megan. (see picture with Steph, Lize, Megan and friends of Steph's at CK convention in Seattle) We had a lot of fun but did get tired and behind on things in the process.

  • I have hurt my neck somehow and have an MRI in Wenatchee at 7 am tomorrow as the doctor thinks I have ruptured a disc in my neck. I am sitting here at the keyboard in my cervical collar (not the most comfortable accessory but does seem to decrease the pain some). Have to plan to be in bed and asleep early to night as I have to leave the house at 6 am tomorrow morning (most mornings I am still fast asleep at that time).

  • Tonight is Kenzie's open house at her school and she is so excited to show off her room. They are having a used book exchange for the kids too so she has been looking at her books to decide which to exchange (as much as I suggest Amelia Bedelia books - since they are a pain to read - she loves them so alas we are keeping those). She loves to be read to and loves to keep up her reading log for school. It is a big deal at the end of the month to take the log to Mrs. Hunter as she gets a treat in her bag for doing the log.

  • This weekend is a baby shower filled weekend as I have one to attend on Saturday and am giving one for Heather (Mommy to the next grandbaby) on Sunday. I have started delegating tasks for the Sunday one as I know I cannot do it all.

  • Monday was a school holiday so had both kids at home all day. That was a real change as Chase is in school so much anymore, it seemed weird for him to be here all day.

  • Dave went to the Seahawk game on Monday and has another to attend on Sunday so he is getting to know the passes well.

  • The first signs that winter is close are here as the mornings are COLD and the snow is getting closer. The snow level is supposed to drop to 1500 feet this weekend which means we may see some white stuff before the weekend is up.

  • We are planning to go to my parents house in Myrtle Creek for Thanksgiving but that is contingent on the results of my MRI and how I am feeling about traveling 9 hours in the car. Graciously my parents have offered to come up here if I cannot make the drive as I am looking forward to seeing them.

  • We are doing our Christmas with the big kids and grandkids on December 1st this year to accomodate everyone's schedule so I am trying to get shopping completed. Nothing like rushing right down to the wire with that type of thing. I am usually done with shopping by now and this year I have just started. :(

I guess that is it for a quick catch up. Best wishes and God's blessings to you all this beautiful time of year.