Saturday, June 2, 2007

Busy visit from Grandparents

Well, it has been a busy couple of weeks.

Mackenzie turned 3 on the 21st of May and we had waited for her party till the 26th so it was close enough to Chase's preschool graduation for Mamma and Papa to be here for both. They were here for most of 9 days and we got to go out fishing while they were here too. Dave and Dad enjoyed more fishing than the rest of us but the kids got to go in Papa's "hiccup" (translated pickup) to the lake to put the boat in and caught 16 bluegill (never before has Papa been so happy to clean so many little fish as he was the ones these little ones caught in the boat and boy were they excited to catch them) and we cooked them up with fried potatoes and enjoyed a nice dinner on the last evening Mamma and Papa were here.
Mamma and Papa even brought Buddy with them and the kids had a great time (particularly Chase) playing with him and helping take care of him. I think Buddy will really enjoy the pace of Mom and Dad's house once they get home again.

Papa made Kenzie a doll cradle and Mamma made a doll like Mommy's Sassy doll for Kenzie's birthday. Kenzie loved them both and loves to dress and undress the doll over and over and over . . .

Chase finished another year of preschool and had his graduation on Thursday. Mamma and Papa got to be in attendance and then they drove to Aunt Lissa's to visit/babysit there too before heading home on the 8th. Chase will have 4 half days of pre-K next year and Kenzie will start the pre-4 program at 2 half days a week. Mommy will not know what to do two mornings a week??? (cleaning, laundry, sleeping, nothing)

We have been very busy here with the candy store and lots of ice cream sales. Last weekend with Memorial Day was really busy and this weekend was the old car show and was busy as well.

We are all very tired and it is about bedtime for kids and Mommy won't be far behind!

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