Monday, May 2, 2011

Busy Family

I have recently received a request to update my blog so that the first thing seen is not my daughter's Owie from November! OK, I agree that is a reasonable request so here goes!

What had happened since November, hmmmm

The grandbaby arrived December 7, 2010 - Kyzaya Lee and we love her to death - isn't she a doll?

Christmas happened! - we skyped with my parents for Christmas this year. It was a good holiday although bittersweet as it was our first since losing Dave's Mom.

Chase turned 8 in February and he had a bowling party! How is the little chubby boy from Guatemala now a skinny 8 year old who is almost done with 2nd grade?
I turned 40! Yes, had the big birthday in March. My husband pulled off a great surprise party at Grandview on the Lake and my girlfriends pulled off a surprise lunch at Blueberry Hills. Lots of fun memories! And I do love my 40s so far!!Kyzaya spent a few days in the hospital with RSV - thankfully she is recovered and doing great now but she looked so puney!

Mackenzie and Dave attended the Father Daughter Dance complete with limo ride to and from the dance! It was a fun evening for them both!!
I went to Stamp Camp at Camp Ghormley for a long weekend with my BFF Jill!

Spring break showed up with decent weather so we spent a few days fishing with Dad at Roses Lake.

My dad had been living with us since February and is now on his last month here doing some fill-in preaching at Brewster church of Christ. It has been a lot of fun to have him here and the kids have gotten quite used to him around all of the time. He goes home once a month to see Mamma but the kids sure miss him while he is gone - we even had to webcam last week to see him while he was gone (Mackenzie) and to see Mamma (Chase).

The guys have done a lots of fishing at Roses Lake since the beginning of April and my freezer can prove it as I think they are at between 80 and 90 trout since 4/1/11 and they are headed out today for more!!

Mackenzie will be 7 in less than 3 weeks and she is growing like a weed! She is noticeably taller than Chase now!