Sunday, March 25, 2007

Church with kiddos

The kids are down for naps after church this morning so I thought I better take this chance to blog for today. They were both very good getting ready this morning and in fact we were ready 45 minutes before we had to leave. I was worried without Daddy's help to get ready we might have trouble but we didn't. They were very excited to go pick up Frances for church and they chatted with her the whole we to Pateros.

Today's class was on Moses parting the Red Sea and they loved it. They have both brought their projects home to show Daddy what they learned. They both broke away from me and went around the auditorium visiting with all their favorite ladies and then came back to sit with me. It is nice that they are getting so comfortable with the people there that they will break away from me at times.

Dave is about 40 minutes from home and we cannot wait for him to get home. The kids will be excited when they wake up to see Daddy home.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

New machine @ Store & fun time out with kids

Dave left out of town with a friend last night and will not be home till tomorrow afternoon. We all miss him a lot but the friend was really in need of support and we are supporting Daddy as he does that for his friend. With Dave out of town, I got to go to the store this morning to get the machine for our new 24 flavors of soft serve and get a lesson in how that works. It is quite the machine and I got lots of samples and I don't usually eat ice cream at 11:00 AM but it was good and quite the program that I think will bring a lot of return business once people come in and try it. We have the machine on a 2 week trial basis and that will include the week of spring break here so that should give us a good idea of how well this program would work for us.

The kids didn't get to get out much today as the weather was not that cooperative so we headed to Company Creek Pizza for dinner. Mackenzie had a cheeseburger and fries - with sauce of course and Chase had "new" fish and french fries with tartar sauce. They each played their dollar of quarters in video games. They are still at the cheap age as they think they are still playing even when the big "game over" is flashing in the middle of the screen.

Chase and I spent a long time today working on writing his letters. He finally seems interested in that and is recognizing letters on the frig and putting them together to try to spell words now. His speech is getting much clearer every week and his talks a mile a minute (I don't have any idea where he got that, probably from his Mamma). He called Mamma tonight to tell her that he learned to write his own name today. He now just wanted more paper and more words written for him to copy. It is nice to see him becoming interested in that.

Kids are in bed and I have things ready for class at church tomorrow when we will be studying Moses parting the Red Sea. It think the kids will enjoy that. They still play Moses and Pharoah at home and tell one another to "Let my people go" and play Joseph and the Innkeeper and "sorry no room". They absorb so much of this at this age and they so look forward to it each week. It is a lot of work for me but thanks to Mom and Dad I have materials from the extras they have at Roseburg and it is all put together by week and I just have to supplement with activities each week. It may be a lot of work but the rewards are eternal and I can't think of a better way to spend my time than on my children's walk with God.

One last thing, praise the Lord - Chase is at the end of his first week with no seizure meds and all is going well with no signs of any seizure activity.

Good night and sweet dreams.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Date Night With Mommy

Chase & I went on a date last night and had a really fun time. The local private school, Chelan Valley Independent School, has a spring drama production every year and this year it was Jack and the Giant (aka Jack & the Beanstalk). They performed it this year at the local historic theater (Ruby Theater) in Chelan. It was free with a donation at the door and they had concessions open for snacks as well. Chase has been h aving some coping problems lately and has gotten into trouble at school as well. He finished his punishment yesterday so we decided to give him some one-on-one Mommy time and boy did he enjoy that. He and I used to do little things together a lot when Mackenzie was a baby and Daddy wasn't working. I think he needs more of this type of thing. Anyway, the play was 1 1/2 hours with a 15 minute intermission so with it starting at 7 pm and by the time we got home it was a little after 9. He had talked to Mamma to tell her he was going and that he wanted to have popcorn and licorice. Mamma responded that she thought that sounded good so he ran with the phone to me and told me "Mamma says I get popcorn AND licorice and you have to do it because she is your Mommy". So Mamma owes me $6.50!!! haha! He sat very intently and loved the play. He followed the plot line asking me every 5 minutes "Where's the giant?" and clapped at all the right times. It was very well done and had every student from the school in it in one role or another and sometimes multiple roles. On the way home, as he was eating his last licorice vine that he had held clutched in his little hand for the last half of the play to save it for on the way home, he said to me "maybe next time I can go on the stage Mommy." Throughout the play he would lean over to be and hug my arm and lovingly say "this is fun Mommy!" What enjoyable memories! He came home and got in his jammies and was asleep in less than 5 minutes. Wouldn't trade these time for the world!

Funny Girl

This is a funny story from yesterday actually but I had a date night with Chase last night so was to late when I got home to post.

Dave has had his cast on his right leg from hip to toe for 15 days now and the kids find it fascinating and love to help him (I'm sure that will pass before the 6 weeks is up). Mackenzie is the most intrigued by it. She got a scuff on her knee on Sunday at church when she not-so-daintily was climbing on the railing out front and slipped off. For two days she has been going on and on about her sore knee and that she needed to go to the doctor and get a cast for her owie. Everytime we are in the van she goes on and on and on about it and begs to take her to the doctor. Finally last night I convinced her that Mommy was a nurse and that I thought a bandaid would do but if not I was qualified to "cast" it for her. So we got out one of Daddy's only Ace wraps and formulated a cast on her leg too (of course the right one as that is the same as Daddy's). She proudly wears it and sat with Daddy for the accompanying picture to "model" her cast. She still has it on this morning and complained to Daddy before he left for work that it was hurting her. What funny things kids do.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mackenzie is our little diva. She loves sunglasses and loves to pose for pictures. She is a bright spot in most every day. She does have the ability to turn on tears very quickly but they turn off just as quickly. She loves this picture of herself. I printed her a copy and she carries it around with her. She and I were at Target yesterday and she found this lonely pair of sunglasses and had to have them glitter and all. They were on clearance so were clearly last year's but she loves them and wears them everywhere.

Here we go - Day 1

I have always thought it would be interesting to try this so here I go! It is a slow day at home today as there is no preschool & Chase has decided not to go to karate for now. Today is his last day of being grounded from his trains. He has been without his favorite toys for a week because he hit a classmate at school. Boy is it hard to be the bad guy but he had a good day at school yesterday so hopefully he is remembering why he doesn't have his trains. Today is the second full day without his seizure medication (Lamictal). I reduced his meds in January to half of the usual dosage as it is really causing him problems with his sleep and attention span. He has been seizure-free since May 2006 so I am stepping out on my own to eliminate his meds. Thankfully Dr. Waz is very supportive of me and cooperative with these efforts. We go backt o Children's in May so maybe by then he will be totally off the meds.

Daddy is sleeping so Mommy is back to work as Mommy!