Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The "Isms" of Childhood

Both of the kids have their little peculiar words and phrases but every once in a while one of them pops up with a new one that I love.

Today Chase was tattling on his sister (nothing new) and in the story he was meaning to tell me that she did not put her dishes in the dishwasher after breakfast but what he said was "Sissy did not put her stuff in the washdish." So that is the Chaseism for the day.

Kenzie, never to be outdone by anyone let alone her brother, came up with hers at Walmart. We were shopping for a few groceries and decided to get some Halloween decorations and decorate the house while Daddy was at work and Chase was at school. She found this collapsible spider that was about 20+ inches tall and three dimensional that she wanted to get to hang in the house. I told her no that Mamma wouldn't like that when she comes to visit, to which Mackenzie replied "But Mommy, doesn't Mamma know that they are just pretend." So we had a Mackenzieism today too! How do you respond to that logic when we have spent a lot of time at home and at Disneyland reminding her that scary stuff is just pretend so she doesn't need to be scared, then she turns your own logic around on you.

Last night we babysat Rylee for a few hours so Jill and Keith could go watch Adam's football game in Winthrop and enjoy the evening alone on their 19th wedding anniversary. The kids had so much fun with her. Chase was so careful and helped her play and watched out for her. Kenzie and I got their Halloween costumes in Wenatchee yesterday so of course they had to try them on and Rylee was feeling a little left out so I ran downstairs and was able to Chase's Mickey Mouse costume from 3 years ago and it fit her so they had a lot of fun (as you can see in the pictures). Rylee got started eating my dried apples and LOVED them but they did not love her so we had a rough half hour while she dealt with a tummy ache - thank goodness for Mylicon drops!!

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