Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our Little Santa

Kenzie is really into Santa and the whole Christmas thing this year (her first year to really understand and anticipate the events of the holidays). Once Santa came to our house, the kids started asking to count the "night nights" till he came again. Well, my little imaginative one (Mackenzie) decided she could resolve that problem by being Santa for her brother and the rest of us. She was wearing regular clothes but had stuffed her "puppies" (which used to be her security toy until the baby elephant was purchased 9 months ago at Wildlife Safari, thanks Mom & Dad) up her shirt so there were little puppy feet sticking out the bottom of her shirt. She was missing a hat so she picked up the bucket we keep by the front door (we have a leak whenever snow melts) and inverted it on her head for a hat. She is never at a loss for imagination. She is so easy to have at home alone as she goes into her own world and finds a way to entertain herself.

Well, we are off to church this morning so I will go for now but had to share about Kenzie (including a pictures, as words don't describe it well enough).

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