Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Latest

Well, since I have posted, I have had my neck surgery and am on the right road to recovery this time. The surgery went well on Wednesday but on Thursday when the physical therapist got me up to walk in the hall way, I got sick and threw up and aspirated some of it into my lungs. That resulted in a busy afternoon with lots of tests to eventually find out that I had aspirated into my lungs. I ended up on oxygen (which I still have at home at least until I see the internist on Thursday) and nebulizer treatments. I also had to stay at the hospital until Friday afternoon. Thank goodness for grandmas though, Mom got on the phone to Dad first things Saturday and Dad got Mom's meds sent FedEx to get here Monday so she can stay a few days longer. She was to leave on Monday and now is tentatively set to leave on Friday pending my appt on Thursday. My neck is not what is bother me as much as the pneumonia from aspirating. Although i do feel a lot better here at home. The picture is not too glamorous but someday I wil want to scrapbook this experience (I think).

Baby Raiden (as Mackenzie calls him) is growing like a weed. Obviously I don't get to see him right now but Dave went to see him last night and got a couple of really good pictures of the little guy. He is quite a cutie we think. It is hard to believe he is only 5 days old in these pictures.

Hope everyone's new year is going well. Chase is thrilled to be back in school and Kenzie is anxiously awaiting her turn to go back to school this Wednesday. Mommy is focusing on recovery and counting the three weeks until she can drive again.

Happy 2008!!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Michelle, you are a true scrapbooker! I'm so glad you took the picture and posted it for us, I've been wondering how you were doing. I'm sorry to hear about the pneumonia.

That baby is so darling. Oh, he is cute!

Get well SOON.

Karen said...

I finally signed up so I can post comments on your blog...

Oh I agree with the other poster! A true scrapbooker you are! Are you going to go to CK Portland? I'm registered. If you are, we should meet up.

Love ya and hope you are feeling better soon!


Darla said...

Hang in there... we are all thinking of you... Hope u have a speedy recovery.

Susan said...

Oh goodness Michelle! You have had a time of it, haven't you? I hope your pneumonia clears up quickly so you can concentrate on the rest of your recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you!