Monday, June 1, 2009

No More Preschoolers

It is now official, I am no longer the parent of a preschooler. Mackenzie "graduated" from preschool on Thursday evening in a very cute little ceremony. Mrs. Hunter and Mrs. Stevens (and with the help this year of Mrs. Kehl) always do a great job and this was no different. The pre-4 class were so cute in their performance and their moving up, but when did they start looking so tiny - it is hard to come to grips that Mackenzie was that little only one short year ago. The pre-K kids got to wear caps and gowns and were so cute! As any good mother does, I cried at several points in the evening. The kids sang God Bless America (which they had been practicing at home, in the car, in the store, to any one who would listen, etc, etc, etc - for a MONTH) and it was good even though I had heard it way too many times in the practicing phase. The did a few other songs and then got their diplomas and presented gifts to Mrs. Stevens (for her new baby) and Mrs Kehl for helping out all year. Then off to snacks and punch outside and home with tired kids, grandparents and parents . . . and alas no more preschoolers. :(