Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October is here

Somehow it is already October. I don't understand where time goes but it sure seems to fly the older I get. Kids are settled into their school and extracurricular routines. Mommy is getting settled into the idea of some "free" time two days a week. I know that fall is here as Mackenzie and I saw our first sightings of the big horn sheep on the way home from Wenatchee today. They were crossing the road about 2 miles south of Entiat. Boy did Kenzie enjoy that. Between the sheep being down and the first snow on Stormy this week we sure know that fall is here and winter is on the way!

My sister is having her baby tomorrow morning and we are all excited to find out if it is a boy or girl. Sarah has been excited about her new sibling until the last couple of days and now has decided she doesn't want it to come out yet but Melissa is done cooking it and this bun is coming out of the oven tomorrow!

Betty, my mother-in-law, has her brain surgery on Monday to remove a benign brain tumor that is pressing on her speech center and causing her to slur her speech a lot. We are headed to Seattle on Friday to be over there until Tuesday for the surgery. She will be in the hospital for a week and then to a nursing home for a month or so. Dave is quite nervous about it and rightfully so. He is very close to his mom and her health has not been the best so there are certainly risks involved but she made the decision to go ahead. For those who read and are so inclined, please keep her and the family in your prayers for a good outcome to this.

The kids have their Halloween costumes and want to wear them on a daily basis. Kenzie is being a dragon and Chase a ninja turtle (Leonardo to be exact). They have modeled them for anyone that gives them a chance. They will wear them to their respective Harvest Parties and to the carnival at the school on the 27th and then to trick or treat in downtown on Halloween. I have one bag of candy for here at the house although we have had a grand total of 6 trick or treaters in the 4 Halloweens we have been at this house. Most people go downtown and trick or treat with all the rest of us crazies. Dave will hand out candy at the store while I take the kids around. There is a picture included of the kids in costume with a little friend, Rylee, that we were babysitting. She had to get in on the action so I found Chase's Mickey Mouse costume from 3 years ago and it fits her great. She took it home and I guess to wears it nearly everyday as she thinks she is just the greatest thing in it.

Best Fall wishes to all and I am thankful for you all as friends.

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