Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kenzie's 4th Birthday

I can't believe it - she turned 4 yesterday! Seems like yesterday we brought home that tiny little bundle and she is no longer tiny.

She got her cast off yesterday and is walking gingerly but is doing better today than last night. She is sooo happy to be able to not be limited in her activities. I am very happy that we can wash her foot finally!! She had worn all the way through the padding and stockinette down to the fiberglass in the heel of her cast. The cast smells AWFUL but I had to keep it.

I made little boxes with nugget candy in them for her to take to her friends at school for her birthday. They turned out so cute so I had to post a picture of the finished product.

We went to Smallwood Harvest to the petting farm yesterday on the way to her doctor's appt and she and Rylee had a blast as you can tell from the picture. It was a nice day and not busy at all with school still in session. Fun memories for all!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


OK, I know I am behind but wanted to post a quick update on the schedule at the Rogge household in the next few weeks. Also wanted to post pictures we had taken prior to the broken ankle in Minnesota.

Tomorrow is Mackenzie's 4th birthday. She has preschool and gets to take treats for her friends. She goes to the ENT in the afternoon to get her tubes out and to the orthopedic surgeon after that to get her cast off. She is very excited about all of that!!

Thursday is her dress rehearsal for her dance recital next week and is the Memorial Day parade here in Chelan which we will watch as Daddy is driving his T-bird in it.

Friday is date night for Chase with Mommy and Daddy. We will pick him up from school at noon and head to Yakima for the Carrie Underwood concert. He loves to listen to her and calls her "My Girl". We will go out to dinner and then spend the night before coming home on Saturday. Kenzie will stay with Rachael while we take him for some special one on one time.

Saturday will bring some friends to town to visit for the day. Then just he usual for the busy Memorial Day weekend in Chelan (this translates to us staying at home as much as possible).

Tuesday Kenzie has a birthday party to attend and herfinal rehearsal for the recital. Wednesday evening is the recital at 6 pm in which she will dance to "I Wish I Was Magic" (cute song available on iTunes) and be a moonbean in her pretty blue dress. Thursday night will be her graduation from preschool (another big event).

Another weekend to try to recover before the busy week of Chase's final week of preschool and his graduation as he starts kindergarten in the fall. After his last day of school, we will take off to Myrtle Creek and the Oregon coast to camp with Mamma and Papa and then up to Mt Vernon for our niece's graduation from Western Washington University and then home on the 16th.

Megan, Alura and I head to Tri-Cities for a scrapbook weekend on the 18th and get home on the 21st. After that we plan to stay home for a while.

Hope all is well for everyone at this busy time of the year!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Home Finally

Well, it is a little late in posting but we are finally home and doing well. We got to Seattle at about 10:30 pm on Saturday night and headed for the hotel for a night of sleep. Dave's knee was very sore from the long flights so we gave him one queen bed, Kenzie and I shared the other and Chase & Mamma slept on the floor. Everyone slept well no matter their sleeping surface (guess sheer exhaustion set it). The next day a dear friend of mine Jill and her husband Keith drove over to Seattle with our Tahoe and their car. We loaded all 5 of us in the Tahoe and some of the luggage and they took the rest of the luggage in their trunk and back seat. It was so nice to walk into our own home. Rachael had been staying at our house watching the dog while we were gone and she had cleaned and straightened the house so nicely, what a thrill it was to be home to a clean neat house.

I almost have everything unpacked. We took Gramma to the airport yesterday and she flew home to Papa. Don't know how I would have survive the flights back and the first few days home without her. She did ALL of the laundry and the dishes, leaving the dishwasher freshly emptied when we left to take her to Wenatchee yesterday morning.

Dave is doing better everyday. He actually was able to start driving yesterday and for those of you that know him, he was thrilled with his wings again. Mackenzie is doing well too!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Well, as of my last post, we were to be headed home the next day. Well, the kids wanted to play at the indoor pay area at the mall one more time before we left so we headed over there on Tuesday afternoon. We had been there for all of 5 minutes when Mackenzie screamed and fell to the ground. She had hurt her left ankle and would not walk on it. We came back to the hotel and she still wouldn't walk on it so I left Chase with Dave and off we went to St. Mary's ER. After 5 1/2 hours in the ER, we left with Kenzie in a red short leg cast as she broker her ankle (the fibula bone through her grown plate). So, we are not at home yet.

Gramma flew out yesterday (Wednesday) to help us and to help us get home. We fly to Seattle on Saturday and then will drive from Seattle home on Sunday.