Monday, July 7, 2008

My Freedom Day 1 - Time & Travel

Today is the first day of an online class at called My Freedom. Each week for 5 weeks we get daily prompts Monday through Friday beginning with photos on Monday, storytelling (AKA journaling) mid-week and 2 page layout construction on Friday. It is a book made to discover yourself and to improve your storytelling from the who, what and where to the story behind the photos and what makes them important to you.

I am very excited about this class and as an added bonus - there is a Daily Blog Prompt so I "should" be able to keep up with daily blog posts (Monday - Friday) for the next 5 weeks and maybe that will help me to get in focus for daily blogging all of the time.

Today's class starts with topics of Time & Travel. We are taking pictures that represent both to us - so my picture for the blog represents time and my plan to "Make Time for My Freedom". Isn't it a beautiful clock - it was my birthday present from Dave & the kids - it plays a song every hour and is animated so this is my favorite "timepiece" as it was given to me with love!

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Karen said...

sounds like fun!