Friday, July 11, 2008

My Freedom - Day 5

Well, let me begin with the fact that I am so happy to have actually made it on my quest to be consistent with these blog prompts Monday-Friday. Yippee!!

Today's Blog prompt is - "How do you prefer the pace of life? Do you wish things would spped up or slow down?"

What an interesting prompt and once again thought-provoking. I am once again dealing with a dicotomy in my mind as what I like and what I set myself up for in life are two different things. I certainly don't like to be bored and have nothing to do, but I also like things to be slow enough to fit in some spontaneous fun. I do live by a calendar as life at my house is either really busy or really not busy. When the calendar looks not busy, I tend to feel a void and then fill that void up, thus creating for myself a lot of busy times with no down time. I am someone who needs my sleep (not 10 - 12 hours) of at least 6 hours uninterrupted to keep up with life. Lack of that sleep usually results in migraines or tearful melancholy moods, or even both! In my attempts to stay busy (although that woudl not be my choice, rather I feel obligated to be that way), I can submarine myself and not enjoy the things going on around my while I am too busy. I can't say that I prefer particularly slow paced life but I don't prefer being too busy for my home and family. So I guess the answer is that I woul most days prefer it slow down but I and only I am in control of that most of the time!

We are also supposed to illustrate our preference - the best way I know to do that is actually so appropriate for this week. My dearest friend Jill and I have been planning for several months (yes I said months) to clean and organize my scrap room. I am blessed with a home that had a large area for my hobbies but it was a MESS!! I did not even take before pictures as I was too embarassed. Life has been so busy for Jill and I that it took till this week to do this project we began talking and planning for in April. The MESS I referred to was also caused by the fast pace of life around here. I have made decisions about the pace of my life that kept me from keeping it organized so the door usually got opened and things thrown it. You couldn't even walk through the room on Monday morning when we started. Not only that but if I needed or wanted to scrap it was nearly impossible to find what I needed to do it. (No Jane I am not always as organized as the front I put on at retreats) However, we were successful at our mission this week, Jill & I. We spent 20+ hours in three days on the room and it is so nice to know where things are and have a useable space!! Thanks so much Jill!! I went down there last night to do my 2 page layout for My Freedom's prompt yesterday regarding "Time" (are you seeing a theme here) and was able to find coordinating patterned paper, match it to cardstock, found matching letters and embellishments and completed the 2 page layout (no journaling was to be done till today's prompt) in less than 1 hour and that included cleaning up after myself at the end and changing movies for Mackenzie halfway through!! What a great feeling to have taken the "time" to do that project!! Here are a few pictures of the completed room (we still have a few things to find homes for, but the organizing is done).
My Workspace/Desk
TV corner for good chick flicks!
Paper shelves and storage
(white towers have wood stamps in them by theme)
Work Table
Cricut Expression with be set up here and large paper cutter

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What? How did you trick me?! I am so enjoying your challenges. I find them very inspiring. Please, please make time for them and keep posting :)

Scrapdolly said...

I think you wanted the site for a MONTH in my life challenge

It is being run on A Creative World.
If you go through crafty blogs you will find them

Its a great challenge

Karen said...

you have a TON of scrap paper! And i think we own the same blueish plastic basket that is in the same pic with your paper in the shelves! :)

miss ya