Monday, April 14, 2008

The Good News and the Not-So-Good News

Well, lets see - I like to get the not-so-good first so that is how I will type this entry to cover the events of a Monday at the Rogge house for three of us and Dave's first day of appointments at the Mayo Clinic.

After Friday night trip (pictured above) to the ER for Mackenzie's ears, she was getting no better so we had no choice but to call Dr. Waz to report . . . Mackenzie and I have both been struggling with the "Chelan Crud" AKA a cold and managed to both get ear infections so we went to the clinic this morning to get the antibiotics to rid ourselves of those prior to our flights back east later this week. She is very tired and resistive to the ear drops, so much so that her brother gets all her comfort things ready for her and stands by and counts to 100 for her after I put the drops in. She thinks that at the end of the count to 100 it will feel better so usually Dave counts after the drops but while Daddy is away Chase is being the man of the house and helping me in lots of ways especially counting after ear drops. I just tucked him in to bed and as he said his prayers he included this line "please help my sister to get better so she doesn't have to have ear drops anymore."

Dave had a good day at the Mayo Clinic today. They drew blood, took x-rays and he saw the orthopedic surgeon. The doctor drew some fluid off of the knee although it was difficult for him to get any fluid which is a good sign. Upon reviewing Dave's x-rays right after the knee replacement 3 years ago and the ones taken today, it appears that the prosthesis has actually gotten moved out of place a bit. The doctor is hopeful that it is indeed not infected but rather just malfunctioning due to being out of place. They are doing a culture of the fluid and repeating his bone scan just to be sure there aren't indicators of infection. If those all are normal, then he will go in for surgery on Monday and based on what the doctor finds, he will either take the prosthesis out and fill the joint with antibiotic beads and cast his leg straight for 2 months and then re-do the knee OR if there is no sign of infection and he feels it is ok to re-do the knee right then, he will take out the old one and put in the new one which would mean no second trip back there for surgery!!! As you can imagine we are praying for the later as this is the first "good" news about his knee in over 5 years since the original one was done in March 2003.

So there it is, Kenzie and I are sick, Dave got good news and Chase is holding down the fort for Daddy while he is away. They are counting days till we leave on Friday to go to Seattle and then on Saturday back to Rochester! Chase's parting words to Daddy on the phone tonight were "You are the bestest Daddy in the whole wide world, I love you!"

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Glad you've got Chase to bouy everybody's spirits! Good luck with the ears and knee.