Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Freedom - Day 10

OK, actually it is day 11 but we only get prompts 5 days a week so it is prompt 10 written on day 11. Today's prompt is to set a word goal and hen type a blog entry and see how I do in hitting the goal - exactly on, over or under, so here goes - I will set a reasonable goal of 150 words!

Well, let's begin with why I am blogging a day late. We began our week long camping trip yesterday. We left home in Chelan about 10 am yesterday (right on schedule I might add) and headed to Liberty Lake, WA (just east of Spokane & home to my idol - Stacy Julian We are camping at the KOA her until next Saturday the 26th. Megan and her crew will be joining us today. We plan to take in Silverwood/Boulder Beach for two days, Cat Tales for one day, Spokane's Riverfront Park for one day, Rockin B Ranch for dinner show one night and lots of relaxation and swimming fit in too! We try to do this the last full week of July every year. We arrived right on schedule at 3 pm and got camp set up. Kids played on playground and then at play area at the local McDonald's and then swam for about 1 hour before crashing in bed about 8 pm. They were up bright and early this morning (6:30 am) waiting for Sissy Megan and family to arrive. I will likely post about My Freedom prompts during the time we are gone as well as about our trip and pics from the fun.

OK - for anyone who knows me there is no surprise that I went over my goal. I wrote 208 words for an overage of 58 words. Now the challenge to you - any comments you make, try to hit exactly 20 words without counting ahead of time and see how you do!!

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