Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Freedom - Day 9

Good morning! Yess I am ahead of the game this morning and posting prior to 9 am!! That doesn't mean I am organized, rather I have a busy schedule today so am prioritizing to do this in the early morning rather than not at all!!

Today's prompt is "Things that inspire us are often linked to what we label as quirks in our personalities: things we like that others seem to dismiss. What quirk (in your personality) could you share with your readers to see if they really dismiss it or if it's something you have in common?"

Oh boy - I am a very visual person so things that inspire me tend to be things I can see or touch. I am a definite "scraplift" addict as I love to make my sketch cards from magazine or websites for reference during scrapping. I may not know exactly how to scrap a particular photo or photos but whip out my sketch cards box or an idea/layout book (which I carry in a DJs Scrappin Retreat book bag) and I am inspired to make the fun layouts I enjoy making. I RARELY design a layout from start to finish without one of these resources at hand.

Is this something you share in common or do you dismiss it as no source of inspiration for you?

Please share your inspiration quirk with me in your comments!

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Your box of layout ideas is truly a great treasure Michelle. I really admire the way that you professionalize your talents.

I would say that my quirk is that my best ideas often come while walking or sleeping.