Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An Owie

Almost 2 weeks ago I got to be the Mommy of a big owie. Mackenzie ran back into our house to get her backpack for school. As she was returning to the car, she fell down 2 steps hitting her head on a box and split her head open. She was not crying. She came out to the car with tissue over her left side of her face. She was climbing in the car to "get to school Mom" when I made her move the tissue so I could see the owie. This is what I saw . . .

Being a nurse I shouldn't have an issue with this as blood is never an issue for me. However, on this occasion I did NOT expect this huge gash on her head. Momentarily I got nauseous but then the adrenaline hit. She was concerned about getting to school and I said oh no we were going to the ER. I mentioned stitches and that is when she started to cry. As soon as we go to ER and they mentioned they could glue it instead of stitches the tears stop and she was a trooper. The beauty of a local small hospital ER - we were in and out in 35 minutes and this is how she looked.

It is almost 2 weeks later and she is looking better every day. She did not get a black eye as I was sure she would. She is a tough one! This is what she looks like this morning.


Shannon said...

Glad to see she is on the mend - I can only handle blood if I absolutely HAVE to, if Kurt is around I am beyond nauseous - weird psychological thing. I am glad you are both ok! :)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Ouch! Oh man. I'm so glad they could glue it. Is it completely gone now?