Thursday, March 27, 2008

Well, tonight turned out to be a date night for Chaser and I as he wanted to go see the play again tonight (I think I will be a qualified understudy by tomorrow night). He came home after school today and took a nap, went to T-ball practice and came home and ate his dinner fast so we could get to the theater. It was a packed house again tonight so we got there just in time to get seats! He ordered his popcorn with butter, red licorice & Sprite when we got there and then was gracious enough to order popcorn and root beer for his "date" (aka Mommy) but the date got stuck with the check?!?!? Anyway, he had a great time and sat on my lap snuggling and sharing licorice with me for about 3/4 of it (after his popcorn was GONE). We sang Mamma Mia songs from my CD on the way home (the kids have discovered that a couple of the songs from ABBA were in their new Bee Movie so we have music we all like and it is not Disney or Wiggles) and danced in the seats. He loves to listen to cool music and play funny in the car with Mommy. We got home and he was so thankful. He RAN into his room and got his new PJs and brought them out to put them on while talking to me about the play and how much fun we had. He got ready to put the pants on and said "where is the tag?" and I told him that Mamma didn't put a tag in them but the tie was in the front so that was how he knew which way to put them on, he replied "that silly Dramma, I will have to tall her to put a tag in the back so I know how to put them on". Then he started to put the top on and discovered no tag there either so I told him the V was in the front and he then replied "well Dramma doesn't have to put the V in the front if she puts a tag in instead." What can I say - he got them on and loves them. We then got him tucked into bed and in his prayers he thanked God for Mommy and he going to the play again tonight (3 times in the prayer). Guess he and I need to find other things to do more often just the two of us. As I left his room he asked Mommy can we do that again next time not when I am on stage but just when we sit and watch. I asked if he meant next year and he said "yes Mommy cuz I get to be on stage again tomorrow night with Dramma".

Sleep tight - I know I will! :)

Love, M

PS - Before getting into bed he was so cute as he went into our room and delicately and quietly kissed sleeping Daddy on the cheek and said night night Daddy I love you! These are the moments that make me cry! - no pictures from tonight on any camera just in my heart forever!

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