Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chase's Theatrical Debut

Tonight was the first night of the all school play for the independent school where Chase attends preschool this year. When they do an all school play it is just that ALL school. The preschoolers got to be froglets in the play and sang along in one of the musical numbers. The play was called Honk and is basically the story of the Ugly Duckling with a few variances. He has been excited about it until this week when he became a little apprehensive about it. In fact, today he got sick to his stomach at school and came home right after lunch. He took a good nap and after a pep talk phone call with Mamma - he was ready to go. He ate a good dinner and then we were off as we had to be there at 6:15 and it started at 7 pm. His part was not until a few minutes after intermission so he got to watch the play with us until then and after his part. He loves these plays and is in fact bargaining to go watch it tomorrow night even though he is not in it. He is however in it again on Friday when they do it at the Performing Arts Center in Wenatchee. He did a great job and even sang. He also went up on stage with the whole cast at the end for the bow and final song. He was quite proud of himself afterward. He told his teacher that all he had to do was pretend the Mamma was up there on stage with him and he would be fine. Too cute! He did have nearly a whole row of fans there - Jill & Logan, Rachael, Josh "Bubby", Kenzie, Daddy & I so he felt good to have supporters and gave us a big thumbs up right before going on stage. Sissy Megan, Janson and Alura are meeting us in Wenatchee to watch him Friday night so he will be able to feel supported again.

Well, my little froglet is already asleep and we have been home for all of 15 minutes. Kenzie is asleep too - glad that both got 2+ hour naps this afternoon! Hope you enjoy the little video of his part of the play!

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