Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Busy, busy, busy week

Just when I think things are going to slow down, another week is upon me and the calendar is again FULL! We had a nice Easter and got to see Megan & Josh and their families for a while that afternoon. The kids and I were dressed up for church even though the temperature was quite cool.

Monday this week was to be my only "slow" day in that I just had to get Chase to and from school. This morning started with a bang as I dropped of Mackenzie to Daddy at 7:45 am so that Chast and I could make it to school for his kindergarten screening by 8 am. That lasted till 9 am at which time I thought I would run home quickly before dropping Chase off but alas, they have closed the road early today up to our house which necessitates a detour of twice the distance to get back to town and there was no time for that so off to Starbucks for coffee and muffin we went. Dropped Chase off to school, bought tickets for his play Friday night and headed to work for the day. After work today, I am to meet the kids and Dave at the school for our first T-ball practice. Dave was to be the asst coach but they had three teams and only 2 coaches so he got volunteered. The kids are excited about T-ball. Technically Kenzie is not playing but I am sure she will "help" since Dave and I will both be there with Chase and his team. Chase is very excited and both of them went home with Daddy this afternoon for naps so they are rested.

Tomorrow starts with Kenzie at school and I am in her class tomorrow so Daddy will take Chase to school. After school for Kenzie and I we will go visit Jill and Rylee for a bit and then home to get ready for brother's play. He is in the CVIS spring musical called "Honk Jr". He has practice tomorrow morning then PlayEd tomorrow afternoon. Have to pick him up at 4, get him home, fed and dressed and back to theater by 6:15 for the play - in which he is a froglet. Play starts at 7 so likely we won't be home till 9ish.

Thursday starts off early with speech therapy for Chase at 8:25 then he is off to school while Kenzie goes to the dentist again for another filling. Then a quick run home to change for dance class. Pick up brother at noon. Go home and NAP! T-ball practice at 5 pm again. Then home for dinner and bed!

Friday Kenzie to school, Chase to school, Mommy to work - all by 10 am! Daddy to pick up Kenzie at 11:30. Mommy to pick up Chase at 4 pm to go home eat, change clothes and head for Wenatchee to be to the PAC by 6:15 pm for the play down there. Megan and her family will meet us there to see him. Home late that night.

Mommy works on Saturday and Daddy is alone as the babysitter is out of town for the first weekend of Spring Break. We are home till mid-week - I have my last follow-up regarding my neck on the 1st - then we plan to go see my mother-in-law and take in the tulips in Mt Vernon for a few days while the kids are out of school, have no T-ball and no dance.

I did notify my boss today that I will no longer be able to work regular 2-3 days a week after April as the kids are so busy and I do not like to miss their activities. She was very nice about it and understands totally so I will return to very part time work and be a full time Mom again! :)

Don't know if posts will fit in the schedule this week so if not - catch up again next week hopefully!

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