Sunday, March 25, 2007

Church with kiddos

The kids are down for naps after church this morning so I thought I better take this chance to blog for today. They were both very good getting ready this morning and in fact we were ready 45 minutes before we had to leave. I was worried without Daddy's help to get ready we might have trouble but we didn't. They were very excited to go pick up Frances for church and they chatted with her the whole we to Pateros.

Today's class was on Moses parting the Red Sea and they loved it. They have both brought their projects home to show Daddy what they learned. They both broke away from me and went around the auditorium visiting with all their favorite ladies and then came back to sit with me. It is nice that they are getting so comfortable with the people there that they will break away from me at times.

Dave is about 40 minutes from home and we cannot wait for him to get home. The kids will be excited when they wake up to see Daddy home.

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