Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Here we go - Day 1

I have always thought it would be interesting to try this so here I go! It is a slow day at home today as there is no preschool & Chase has decided not to go to karate for now. Today is his last day of being grounded from his trains. He has been without his favorite toys for a week because he hit a classmate at school. Boy is it hard to be the bad guy but he had a good day at school yesterday so hopefully he is remembering why he doesn't have his trains. Today is the second full day without his seizure medication (Lamictal). I reduced his meds in January to half of the usual dosage as it is really causing him problems with his sleep and attention span. He has been seizure-free since May 2006 so I am stepping out on my own to eliminate his meds. Thankfully Dr. Waz is very supportive of me and cooperative with these efforts. We go backt o Children's in May so maybe by then he will be totally off the meds.

Daddy is sleeping so Mommy is back to work as Mommy!

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