Friday, April 6, 2007

Catch up Time

Well, it has been over a week since I sat down to catch up on the blog so here goes a long week synopsis.

This week is spring break for Chase so we took off Sunday to go to see Gramma Betty and the grown kids and grandkids in the Seattle area. We got to take Alura with us since they now live in Wenatchee and have the same school breaks. We stayed near Gramma Betty's house at a hotel that had a pool and that made the kids extremely happy. They got to go swimming two different evenings and are ready for the weather to get warmer so Mom & Dad can get our pool up and warming up for them.

We got to drive through the tulip fields in Mount Vernon as the daffodils are just in bloom and the tulips were just starting. The kids enjoyed pointing out to Daddy - there are more so he could take pictures. Mommy gave her opinion on picture taking too but informed Daddy that if he can backseat drive while in this cast and unable to really drive, then I can give photo taking advice.

Sunday was Dave's brother Kevin's birthday so we got to go to their house for dinner and Dave's other brother Ted was there too so it was nice to have the whole group together for the first time since Chase's first birthday.

We spent Monday with Gramma Betty and enjoyed some fun in her yard and watching movies at her house. Finished the day off with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The kids got to swim for quite a while that evening and then went to sleep quickly - from exhasution I am sure.

Tuesday we spent the morning with Gramma Betty and then went to Stephanie and Ken's to see all of the grandkids and celebrate all of the birthdays that are in the first part of the year that we had all missed with one another. Dave got to have all 6 grandkids in one place at one time - a rare event. The kids played hard and were pretty tired when we got back to the hotel but not too tired to go swimming so they got an abreviated swimming session that night.

On our way home on Wednesday we got to stop in Woodinville at meet Melissa & Sarah at the Country Village. They provided four loaves of cut up bread to feed the ducks (& one lonely bunny). The kids always enjoy that time. It was nice to see Sarah and Melissa. Sarah told us that Mommy has her baby sister in her tummy - guess she will be disappointed if it is a boy.

Yesterday was a day of rest as we were all tired - especially Mommy. We are excited about coloring eggs later today and the easter egg hunt on Saturday so there is lots of fun to come.

Both kids are happily counting the days till Mamma & Papa get here to visit - Chase has it in his head that Mamma is going to watch the new Charlotte's Web movie with him (he watched it last night and loved it) but I have assured him that Mamma loves him but not enough to endure spiders that are that real and that abundant.

Last but not least - today is Chase's 19th day off all meds and no seizures!!! Praise the Lord for success with that.

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