Friday, March 23, 2007

Funny Girl

This is a funny story from yesterday actually but I had a date night with Chase last night so was to late when I got home to post.

Dave has had his cast on his right leg from hip to toe for 15 days now and the kids find it fascinating and love to help him (I'm sure that will pass before the 6 weeks is up). Mackenzie is the most intrigued by it. She got a scuff on her knee on Sunday at church when she not-so-daintily was climbing on the railing out front and slipped off. For two days she has been going on and on about her sore knee and that she needed to go to the doctor and get a cast for her owie. Everytime we are in the van she goes on and on and on about it and begs to take her to the doctor. Finally last night I convinced her that Mommy was a nurse and that I thought a bandaid would do but if not I was qualified to "cast" it for her. So we got out one of Daddy's only Ace wraps and formulated a cast on her leg too (of course the right one as that is the same as Daddy's). She proudly wears it and sat with Daddy for the accompanying picture to "model" her cast. She still has it on this morning and complained to Daddy before he left for work that it was hurting her. What funny things kids do.

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