Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking

I have recently started dabbling in digital scrapbooking and find that I like it not as a replacement for paper scrapbooking but rather as an adjunct that gives me a little different creative outlet with the ability to do it on my laptop with little to no mess! Sometimes it is nice to sit on the couch and create a little fun with the ease of the computer.

I am at home grounded to the couch with bronchitis so today gave me some free time with my laptop. My little buddy Amos is keeping me company and making sure I stay on the couch . . .
My cousin is married to a now-retired fireman who has a very great relationship with all of my cousin's kids and grandkids. My cousin's first grandson Carson was born with Cystic Fibrosis. He has struggled through some challenges as they get him set with his meds and routine to manage it. Belinda and Wes have done so much to raise awareness and raise funds for CF research. A friend of Carson's mom's took some great pictures of Wes and Carson together in fireman gear. I have loved this picture for a long time -

Today I took a kit I got from with fireman stuff and used this picture I love and made a fun page of Carson and his hero, his grandpa Wes. I included this poem on the page:


There aren't many kids ~ so I'm led to understand,
Who can really and truly say, MY GRANDPA'S A FIREMAN?
My Grandpa never gets older like kids who grow each day;
He doesn't even have wrinkles 'cause God made him that way.
There's something' special 'bout him, and I know what he says is true;
For he wants me to be fair and honest in everything I do.
He takes me to parades, and I sit in his big red truck;
I push the siren so very loud ~ you'd almost think it was stuck!
At times his clothes smell funny; I hold my nose and say "PEEE-UU!"
But I know it's from smoke and the kind of work he has to do.
On Christmas and Thanksgiving ~ even Easter and birthdays, too,
We visit Grandpa and Grandma where there's so many things to do.
I know I'm really lucky; I'm the happiest kid in the land,
Since I have someone I love and can say, MY GRANDPA'S A FIREMAN.
-Author unknown

Here is the finished product - I love it!! I think it really shows the relationship between them!

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