Thursday, January 10, 2008

Doctor Visit today

Yeepee! I saw the internist today and he let me stop on the oxygen and the nebulizers!!! I was sooo excited. He asked me which company needed to pick up the oxygen at my house and I told him I would leave it on the porch for anyone that wanted it as I didn't want it any more! He will do a chest xray in 2 weeks to rule out any scarring from this and to get a good clean baseline but has released me otherwise. I see the neurosurgeon 3 weeks from today at which time I hope to shed the hard collar, get my driving rights back and be able to start with only the soft collar just in time for our trip. Now I just have to work on my endurance as I am pretty tuckered out from a long day today.

The kids had another great afternoon yesterday with Daddy time as Mom and I worked on dinner stuff. They like to sit in his recliner but they don't make a recliner for 3 people so it gets a little tight as this picture shows.

Dave went to see Raiden again last night and got some more good pictures of him. Josh is sure proud of him and is taking to the Dad thing very well. Josh, Heather and Raiden were pictured on the front page of the local paper The Lake Chelan Mirror in the January 9, 2008 edition for being the first baby/parents of 2008. It was a nice article. If I can get it to scan well, I will post it here for all to see but I will work on that this weekend.

Chase & Kenzie watched Ratatouille one more time with Mamma this afternoon as she goes home tomorrow. We all know that movie very well as it is the current favorite at our house. Chase has even chosen to have a Ratatouille birthday party this year. Hard to believe it he will be 5 years old in less than a month. The kids are currently taking a bath under the supervision of Mamma and having one last "snowstorm" before she leaves. A snowstorm is what they call it when powdering themselves after a bath as the visibility in the bathroom gets to be about 6 inches with all of the powder flying. Chase doesn't use the powder puff to puff the powder on but rather just shakes the puff in the air and turns around for even distrubution in its landing on him. You do not need air freshener in that bathroom for days, all you have to do is stomp on the bathmat once or twice and the air is plenty fresh. Oh, the memories they create with Mamma.

Papa is sick with his chest cold again so he is anxiously awaiting the return of Mom to help him as he got put back on on antibiotics again today and hopes to kick this one for good! We hope so too as he has taxit services to render for the kids while we are on our trip. Mamma doesn't like driving in the snow so I think Papa's primary task will be driving kids and Mamma wherever they need to go.

Well, my jammies and fuzzy slippers are calling me to find them and a hot cup of tea.


Darla said...

I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. You need to make sure to take all the rest you need... You don't want anything messin up that trip...

Hang in there.

Susan said...

Hello Michelle! I'm so glad you are feeling better! And that is a cute grandbaby you have there. Do as Darla says and don't over exert yourself! Nothing in the way of your trip!