Thursday, January 17, 2008


I feel so refreshed and am getting excited for our trip. Yesterday, I got a haircut and a Mary Kay facial so I feel pampered. I have a pedicure next week (compliments of Heather as a thank you for throwing the shower in November). The suitcases are out to pack. The shore excursions are booked. Our documents and luggage tags are here and we leave in 19 night nights (as Chase would put it).

Well, while Mom was here she kind of jump started me in getting organized. I had already started purging some of the overabundance of "stuff" about Thanksgiving time - which is a continued process, just ask Mom as she and Melissa have reaped the benefits of it in fabric alone.

While I was recovering Mom got a bunch of clothes of mine folded and organized by pile and now I am in the midst of purging clothes to get them all put away and pack for our trip at the same time so I only have to handle all of my clothes once.

We hired a painter the other day and he starts on Monday to paint our bedroom, our bathroom and the hall bathroom. The hall bathroom AKA Mamma's bathroom even has wallpaper that had to be taken down and the wall was not texturized prior to wallpaper placement so they will texturize it too prior to painting. All of the walls that I have not repainted in the house are painted in flat wall white paint that just sucks up the light and it is the original one coat of paint from when the house was built 15 years ago so it is in desperate need of refreshing.

We got our room dinged out to get the computer into the playroom for the kids which they love. We also got a new entertainment center corner unit for the TV in the living room that gives a closed confined space to put movies, games and puzzles.

If feels so good to be on a roll to getting life more organized and I can already feel the increased productivity that being organized enables. What a fun way to start the year. The painting will be done before we leave on our trip too!

Today's big plan is getting Chase's birthday invitations done and in the mail. I spent yesterday stamping return address labels with decorative things to cover Hershey Nugget candies with for a baby shower that Mom is throwing next weekend. I also hammered out 40 thank you cards as a gift for the shower. Those are all boxed up with other miscellaneous items in a flat rate priority mail box (love those boxes as I can stuff them full, full, full for a flat rate - if you go to you and order a case of them an they will send them to you free of charge - I have a case of both sizes in the basement so when I need one, they are right here and I go to and even print my own postage for them - very handy).

Have a good day all!

Almost forgot to mention that I also got to spend the morning yesterday with Heather and Raiden. Heather got to take a relaxing shower and pamper herself a bit and I got to feed Raiden, get him dressed for his dr. appt and then we had a photo session with my camera to get a good picture for his announcements. It was such a fun morning and quiet for all involved. He did great at his dr. appt and is now up to 9 lbs 12 ounces! He is a big boy!

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