Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mommy Morning

After a busy day yesterday rearranging and getting the extra computer in the playroom for the kids and the webcam set up on it, it is a day for Mommy. The kids do appreciate the computer in there as they love to talk to Mamma and Papa on the webcam and were so excited that I got it done yesterday. Now they are anxious for me to get them set up to play games at as they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that and daddy and I are tired of being their desks so they can play on our laptops.

This morning, Mackenzie and I are going over to Jill's to play with Jill and Rylee. Mackenzie is very excited and even decided she needed to dress in a dress for the occasion. She just loves Rylee and they play really well together for the ages they are (Rylee is 18 months and Kenzie is 40 months). Jill did some fun stuff with stamp group on Manson yesterday so I am anxious to see those and just to have some "big people" time when I can talk about something other than Backyardigans, Ratatouille, Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, etc. Sometimes my brain feels like oatmeal and needs adult time.

Tonight is the big local basketball rivalry of Chelan vs. Brewster and this time it is here in Chelan. Dave will be joining Dennis Rahm on to broadcast the games. Rachael is coming over to watch the kids so I can go to and watch the game. These are usually good games between these two teams so it should be a fun night.

Well, that is my plan for the day and it is a beautiful sunny day with the sun reflecting off our two plus feet of snow collected everywhere since Christmas.
A fun time was had by all. Rylee is now wearing one of the dresses that Mamma made for Kenzie - in fact the one Kenzie wore to Papa's retirement party.

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