Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Visiting Elves

For those who do not know, the kids have requested from Santa to have a visitng elf this year from Dec 1 to Dec 24. They were very excited after I read them this book! Mackenzie even took the time to hide the soap in drawers as the book warns that elves may get into mischief including stealing bars of soap.

Then last night while they lay sleeping in their beds - we got visitors - yes not just one but two elves came to our house. The kids were very excited to see them. They each came with passports and letters from Santa. Bernard Buttons & Belle Blizzard are happy little visitors at our house.

Mackenzie hid her baby elephant this morning before leaving for school for fear that the elves might do something to it (if they value their lives they will leave it alone). Mackenzie even shared her wooden cradle that Papa made her for Xmas two years ago in order to provide a good bed for the elves to rest in while the kids were gone. I was given clear instruction that I was to watch them today so I could be sure they didn't cause any trouble. Well, I did have an errand or two to run after dropping the kids off at school and look at what those elves did - they got paper and big pencils and are sitting ON the dining room table drawing!

The Elf Capades have begun at the Rogge house - stay tuned for more!

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Melissa said...

You are supposed to give me a heads up on cute ideas like this. Sarah would have loved this (Rachel too). As the older sister your duty is to clue me in on such things!!!