Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earth Day

Living in a small community town has lots of benefits (and some drawbacks) but on most occasions I love it. This weekend is one of those times I love it. There is a very large contingent of Earth Day supporters here and we even have an Earth Day Fair on the 3rd Saturday of April every year. It is always a fun place to visit. I love the Friends of the Library Used Book Sale every year (gently used kids books for 25 cents each). You can buy all sorts of plant starts and observe lots of earth saving items/inventions. The kids always love the snack and this year the face painting. The pictures for today are of them yesterday with their faces painted (Chase is a cheetah and Kenzie has a unicorn and stars) right before we got our fruit smoothies & Bubble Tea from Blenderz ( and a hot bag of kettle corn. It was a fun morning walk through Riverwalk Park with the kids before Mom and Dad came for the afternoon to do laundry and give Buddy at chance to run around outside.

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