Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Bare Necessities - Log Your Memory

Well it is Log Your Memory time for this week. It has been a busy week at my house with my daughter having her tonsils and adenoids removed so if this post seems disjointed - it just might be due to lack of sleep and/or interruptions by the patient!

What Are Your Bare Necessities? The things you just can't live without . . .

(I am going to put a little dislaimer here that I am taking this question to mean the things that make each day complete for me - not the literal necessities of my existance)

1) My Coffee - be it homebrewed cup or my Starbucks - no morning is complete without at least one cup. On Wednesday and Friday mornings my day involves a coffee stop at Starbucks with my girlfriends.

2) My Bible - At some point in each day, my Bible and the guidance God gives me in it are part of my routine.

3) My Car - rarely is there a day that goes by that I am not in the car multiple times for trips to school, the store, my BFF house or some other thing or another

4) My portable DVD player at my bedside - I ALWAYS go to bed with a movie or a re-run of Beverly Hills 90210 in the DVD player by my bed.

5) My Family - even if I am away from home I make time to talk to them and especially to tuck the kids in over the phone with their requested number of night night kisses

6) My Cell phone - as much as I hate to admit it, I am lost without it! My BFF and I can be found on our phones to one another a lot. My kids find me on the phone and say "oh, it must be Jill"

7) My computer - be it email, Facebook, bill paying, news reading or research, I am on the computer several times every day!
8) Chocolate - I very, very rarely go a day without something chocolate (no matter how small) passing my lips (just don't tell my doctor as my high triglycerides I am sure have NOTHING to do with chocolate consumption)

9) Music - I love to make monthly collection CDs from my ipod and listen to music in the car and around the house - my kids are both known to sing along as the CD of the month is usually on whenever we are in the car

10) My neck pillow - though it may seem weird, the contour neck pillow is a life saver after neck surgery - I have bought a new one on more than one occasion when I have left for out of town without mine - my night of sleep is never the same without it!

Take a moment to thing about your necessities in life and if you blog - share those things. I tried to do a "Top 10" approach to mine - how will you do yours?

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Shannon said...

This is an interesting idea to think about... may have to copy it for the blog! I am jealous that you get to spend so much time with your bff. Mine is in Seattle; we used to have lunch together every week. Sure miss that.