Monday, March 30, 2009

Is It A Funny Day or Even Day Mom?

Out of the mouth's of the little one's come so many things that brighten my days.

After a tough weekend dealing with a bad case of the flu, it is a good morning here at the Rogge house. We are enjoying Spring Break week and the upcoming festivities of Megan & Janson's marriage and reception as well as some fun family time.

At our house, we have a constant challenge over whose day it is to pick things (movies, which way we go to town, who helps out, etc). When I was a kid, my parents solved this issue with Even & Odd Day - the first child (me) got to do the chosing on odd days and the second child (my sister) got to chose on even days. Admittedly this only works well with 2 kids (or at least when only two have the battles). So when this became an issue for us about 3 months ago I thought Aha - Mom knew what she was doing and we insituted her Even/Odd rule. Chase is the oldest and gets Odd days so Kenzie gets Even days. In the beginning this was a much bigger deal for Chase than for Kenzie (not because he wanted to choose but because he was assured it was even-steven between them). Now Mackenzie is the one that wants to know if it is her day to pick (not because she wants it even-steven - she is egocentric and wants to pick naturally). When we get up in the morning, I can count on her asking in the first hour we are awake whose day it is. As she gets ever closer to five years old (how did that happen so quickly), she is more into even versus odd then "whose day" but this morning she hit me with a new one. "Mommy, is it a funny day or an even day?" At first I was puzzled and then realized her question, she now understands that "odd" means "funny" in her book or at least out of the ordinary so naturally a synonym for "odd" should be "funny". The moral of the story for her was it was an even day so she got to chose but I was most amused by her thesaurus in her brain that substituted "funny" for odd in her questioning. Gotta love kiddos!


Aunt Lissa said...

Next time I see Kenzie, I'll explain how being the "even" kid ends up with a slight inequality due to months with 31 days. That should really mess things up for you!!!

megan said...

We do the same thing in our house when it comes to whose turn it is to clran the kitchen...Zack is odd days cuz he's odd and Lu has even days cuz she's even odder :) Zack will attest that he does get the short end of the stick not to mention back to back cleaning days.