Thursday, February 19, 2009


After over 6 weeks of testing and normal results and testing and normal results, etc~~~We finally found the problem today. Mackenzie was not getting better instead more fatigued and continuing with the fevers. This week she started complaining of her "brain" hurting. I was done being nice and just taking the "we don't find anything" answer~I called the pediatrician yesterday and got a little (OK maybe more than little) pushy about seeing him and getting answers. We had an appointment this morning at 9 AM in Wenatchee. Up and at 'em early and off we went to Wenatchee. The pediatrician ordered a repeat CBC and C reactive protein and a sinus CT. If all those were normal, we would move to a sedated MRI. We went across the street, had the blood work done and the CT scan done. We went back and waited for results and him to review them. Finally at 11:45 we got the answer - A RAGING SINUS INFECTION!!

Yes, after all of these tests, fevers, missed school days, sleepless nights for Mommy, Daddy, Grandparents, etc - it was a sinus infection. Her right sinus is completely impacted with infection and the left is half impacted with infection. The picture is amazing. Thankfully it is an easy fix and is a self-limiting issue. We start antibiotics and nasal spray tonight and will have yogurt at lunch every day and hopefully we will be on the mend.

Thanks to all for thought and prayer!

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Darla said...

I'm so glad they finally figured it out.. Those sinus infections are terrible.. Especially when they go untreated.. Koodles for you for getting a tad pushy!!!

Hope she's feeling better