Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Beautiful Dinner & Program

Cali's Proud Parents - Calvin & Jane (isn't she lovely?)

Yesterday, Megan and I took a drive to Moses Lake to attend the reception for Ray & Cali (Payne) Follett. We have the joy of attending Jane Payne & Deb Keeley's scrapbook retreats twice a year. Cali is Jane's oldest daughter and we were pleeased to be able to attend the event and see the Payne family, meet the Follett family and met up with scrapbooking friends we usually only see twice a year.

The happy couple

In true "Payne" style, Cali & Ray's dinner and program was such a nice event with friends and fun. We had a great dinner and enjoy many stories as we got to know more about Cali & Ray and their courtship. - including how Cali had dumped Ray twice before he even knew they were going out. To follow are a few of the fun snapshots I got at the event. Thanks for a great evening!

Father & Daugher - Calvin dances with Cali

Great friends - Tracy & Susan

Cali's brother, Abe dances with Grandma Payne

Mom & Son - Jane & Abe share a dance

Susan's husband Terry dances with his daugher Lillie (so sweet )

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Thanks so much for posting this, Michelle! I haven't seen any pictures yet so this was fun to see.

Thanks again to you and Megan for making the long drive over. It was very much appreciated.