Tuesday, May 20, 2008


OK, I know I am behind but wanted to post a quick update on the schedule at the Rogge household in the next few weeks. Also wanted to post pictures we had taken prior to the broken ankle in Minnesota.

Tomorrow is Mackenzie's 4th birthday. She has preschool and gets to take treats for her friends. She goes to the ENT in the afternoon to get her tubes out and to the orthopedic surgeon after that to get her cast off. She is very excited about all of that!!

Thursday is her dress rehearsal for her dance recital next week and is the Memorial Day parade here in Chelan which we will watch as Daddy is driving his T-bird in it.

Friday is date night for Chase with Mommy and Daddy. We will pick him up from school at noon and head to Yakima for the Carrie Underwood concert. He loves to listen to her and calls her "My Girl". We will go out to dinner and then spend the night before coming home on Saturday. Kenzie will stay with Rachael while we take him for some special one on one time.

Saturday will bring some friends to town to visit for the day. Then just he usual for the busy Memorial Day weekend in Chelan (this translates to us staying at home as much as possible).

Tuesday Kenzie has a birthday party to attend and herfinal rehearsal for the recital. Wednesday evening is the recital at 6 pm in which she will dance to "I Wish I Was Magic" (cute song available on iTunes) and be a moonbean in her pretty blue dress. Thursday night will be her graduation from preschool (another big event).

Another weekend to try to recover before the busy week of Chase's final week of preschool and his graduation as he starts kindergarten in the fall. After his last day of school, we will take off to Myrtle Creek and the Oregon coast to camp with Mamma and Papa and then up to Mt Vernon for our niece's graduation from Western Washington University and then home on the 16th.

Megan, Alura and I head to Tri-Cities for a scrapbook weekend on the 18th and get home on the 21st. After that we plan to stay home for a while.

Hope all is well for everyone at this busy time of the year!

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