Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Off to Rochester, Minnesota

Well, as most of you already know, my husband has been struggling with a bad knee replacement for 3+ years (on the current replacement). After exhausting all options for a solution here in the Pacific Northwest, we have finally gotten a referral to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. It does appear from the Dr.'s initial review of Dave's medical records, that Dave will have to have a new knee replacment (the third in 5 years).

Dave will be flying back on Saturday the 12th to begin medical workups for the entire next week. The kids and I will be flying back to join him on the 20th. If all checks out right, he will have surgery on the 21st to remove the current knee replacement and be placed in a straight leg cast for 2 months. Then we will go back on the 19th of June for a new replacement. If all goes well with the surgery to remove this replacement, we will all be headed home together by the 30th of April.

Please keep us all in thoughts and prayers that this will finally be the permanent solution to the pain and malfunctioning of this right knee.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh boy, I DO hope this fixes the problem. You guys have had a rough year, health wise. How is your neck doing?

Karen said...

hope all works out well with the knee...will be scrapping next weekend and thinking of of these days we need to get together...maybe this summer when the kids are out of school?