Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Our trip begins


Well, believe it or not, we have finally started he trip! We got up this morning and finished the packing and ran a few errands and then Dad took us to the airport in Wenatchee. We made a couple of stops to get new movies for the kids and pizza for Papa to take home for dinner. Once at the airport, which we were sure to be at about 1 1/2 hrs early, we found out the our flight was delayed 45 minutes due to high winds in Seattle. We finally did make out of Wenatchee about 5:05 pm instead of the original 4:15 pm. Thankfully we had planned it to have plenty o time for connection in Seattle. We were origi
nally supposed to be on an 11:30 pm flight to Chicago-O'Hare and then change planes and on to LaGuardia-NYC. When we got to Seattle, we went to get our United Airlines boarding passes and were given boarding passes to Chicago but due to storms in the midwest the Chicago to LaGuardia portion of the flight was cancelled. Thankfully we happened to have a very nice gentleman from United at the gate and he helped to get us rebooked so we are on an 11:05 pm to Washington, DC-Dulles and then a short 1 1/4 hr hop on to LaGuardia. We will actually get to LaGuardia earlier this way than in the beginning. The same nice gentleman helped us to get our luggage switched so it made the same flights we did and didn't end up stranded in Chicago and us on a cruise ship with no clothes. :(

We are off - Dave has been ready for days - can you tell?

I am including a few pictures from our time so far - we are just waiting it out in Seattle for the next 3 hrs until our flight leaves. I am headed off to get a neck pillow for the flight shortly but had to start my journal of the trip here!!

More tomorrow!!

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